30 Days of Space: A Yoga Girl® Community Challenge

30 Days of Space: A Yoga Girl® Community Challenge for Self-Care and Peace of Mind

30 days, 30 themes and 30 yoga classes.

The challenge officially ended on April 17th, 2020 and while classes are no longer free, we have listed the classes and journaling prompts for each theme below if you'd like to repeat this challenge, do at your own pace, or share with a friend. Also, due to technical challenges, not all live talks were saved. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you're still able to enjoy the challenge.

We are all feeling anxious, fearful and worried right now. Practicing social distancing and isolating ourselves can be very taxing, not to mention the worries that come along with not knowing what’s ahead.

While we self-isolate and socially distance to protect ourselves and others, self-care and self-love are crucial during these days when we can easily go down a rabbit hole of endless social media, become one with the couch, or spin out in the search for answers. ⁣ What we do know is that we still have tools to bring us back to a place of peace amidst the chaos, which is why we are making a commitment to practice every damn day and we invite you to join us!

Welcome to 30 Days of Space!


30 Days of Space is a month-long community challenge designed to nourish our hearts, our bodies, and our minds. This is not a regular, you’ve-seen-it-a-thousand-times-before Instagram yoga challenge, but an invitation to take the next month as an opportunity to create sacred space. That’s what this isolation is, really! Some space. Space to feel, space to explore, space to grow, space to learn. Committing to this space means caring for the world – you are isolating not out of fear, but out of care for the people who are at risk in our society.

The challenge is simple – we commit to practicing yoga, every day for 30 days. Each day comes with a specific theme – a focus for the day; a vibration, a practice, a task, or a certain energy to bring a sense of purpose into your day, and each day is paired with a yoga class available here on yogagirl.com.

⁣This challenge is designed to create space in our hearts, our bodies and our minds as we find ourselves in a time of physical space and distancing.

To take care of others, we have to first take care of ourselves


How to Join In

  1. Create your premium account here, then each day, roll out your mat and practice with us! Set aside time to reflect or take action using each of the daily themes and then snap a quick photo telling us what about the theme inspired you that day (no fancy yoga pictures required). Remember to tag @yogagirlofficial and @yoga_girl and use #30DaysofSpace. You can share your picture on our community board too!

  2. Joining late? That's ok! While the classes below require a premium account, you can still incorporate the daily themes below into your life to help you stay grounded, present, and connected.

30 Days of Space Themes

  1. Preparation - What do you need to do to prepare for the next 30 days – in both your home life and for this challenge? Write it out and get it done. Prepare as a way to calm your mind.
    Featured Class: Peace, Please with Rachel Brathen
    Journaling Prompt: “What is my biggest fear right now?”

  2. Intention - What do you want to create over the next 30 days? Create an intention setting ceremony for yourself today and tune into your heart. The answer is calling you.
    Featured Class: Rising and Resetting with Ashley Albrand
    Journaling Prompt: “What am I looking to create during this phase of my life?”


  1. Movement - Move your body today! Flow for the purpose to just move. Move to get out of your head. In what other ways can you move today and throughout this month?
    Featured Class: Flow to Flow with Coral Brown
    Journaling Prompt: “An area of my life where I feel stuck right now is...”

  2. Build an Altar - Build an altar in your home. Collect special items that mean a lot to you and put them all on a little table, in a special corner, where they can be honored.
    Featured Class: Creative Twisting and Binding with Liz Arch
    Journaling Prompt: “My greatest resources are...”

  3. Share - Share exactly how you feel today, either with a friend or on social media.
    Featured Class: Don't Let Fear Be the Boss of You with Jen Pastiloff
    Journaling Prompt: “It’s hard for me to open up about...”
    Sharing Topics: “Right now I struggle with...” and/or “Right now I feel...”

  4. Clean Up - Take some time today to clean up your home! Creating outer order will help you find inner calm.
    Featured Class: The Gift of 10 Minutes with Dianne Bondy
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 6
    Journaling Prompt: “Something I am procrastinating with is...”


  1. Service - Today is a day dedicated to being of service. How can you help someone in need?
    Featured Class: Mastering Surrender Dropping the Resistance with Maite Onochie in English or Spanish
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 7
    Journaling Prompts: “A way I can be of service is...” and “I feel connected to other people when...”

  2. Nourishment - Spend your day today planning and cooking nourishing meals. Our recipes can help!
    Featured Class: Sunset Flow with Bee Bosnak
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 8
    Journaling Prompts: “I feel good when I start my day with...” and “I feel good when I END my day with...”

  3. Gratitude - Our gratitude practice is more important than ever right now. In these challenging times, what are you grateful for? Search for the silver lining.
    Featured Class: Be a Human Thank You with Jen Pastiloff
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 9
    Journaling Prompt: Make a bulletpoint list of “100 things I am grateful for are:...”


  1. Space - Today is a day to be social media free. Turn your phone off and give yourself some space.
    Featured Class: Shoulder Awakening with Rocky Heron
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 10
    Journaling Prompt: “I avoid feeling my feelings by...”

  2. Creativity - Let’s start a creative project! Paint, sculpt, make music, read, write – do something that lights your creative fires and calms your mind.
    Featured Class: Core Restore with Bee Bosnak
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 11
    Journaling Prompts: “I lose track of time when I...” and/or “When I was little, I lost track of time when I...”


  1. Shake It Off - At the end of the day today, do a shaking practice. Turn on some good music, set your timer for 10 minutes and allow your body to shake from head to toe. Let’s release that stagnant energy!
    Featured Class: Rinse and Renew with Coral Brown
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 12
    Facebook LIVE: Shaking Meditation
    Journaling Prompt: “I would feel lighter if I let go of...”

  2. Sleep - Prioritize sleep and rest today. Sleep is a key component of a healthy immune system! Create a bedtime ritual today to wind down and make sure you get at least 8 hours of good rest.
    Featured Class: Calm Your Mind Before Bed with Rachel Brathen
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 13
    Journaling Prompt: Free-write on your relationship with rest, then before bed write, “Today I felt...” or “Today was...”

  3. Beauty - Look for beauty today. Get inspired by what’s around you! Beautify your home in any way you can - change the sheets, move some furniture around, decorate, light some candles, or hang that painting you’ve been meaning to put up!
    Featured Class: Breath and Body Blast Off with Ashley Albrand
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 14
    Journaling Prompt: Write down 10 beautiful things that crossed your path today.


  1. Process - Allow yourself to process emotions today by giving yourself a dedicated 10-minute window to blaze through them. Punch a pillow, scream, yell, cry, stomp your feet – use your body to act out and rid yourself of anything heavy that you are carrying right now.
    Featured Class: Manifesting Hearts Desire with Maite Onochie
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 15
    Journaling Prompt: “The emotion that is hardest for me to express is...”

  2. Nature - Get outside today! Breathe in fresh air. Take a walk, hug a tree, feel your earth on the ground. If you can’t physically go outside, sit by an open window and breathe.
    Featured Class: The Art of Fluidity with Liz Arch
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 16
    Journaling Prompts: “I feel purposeful when I...” and/or “I believe my life’s purpose in this life relates to...”


  1. A Project - Let’s kick off a new house project! Being isolated at home is a great opportunity to get to the things around the house we are always putting off. Repaint your bedroom wall, redecorate, or re-pot your house plants! Pick a small home-improvement project and see it through.
    Featured Class: Light Your Fire with Susanna Barkataki
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 17
    Journaling Prompt: “My biggest worry right now is...”

  2. Challenge - Take today to do something you have been putting off. Have that hard conversation, set a boundary, get a big daunting task off your to-do list. You will feel so much better afterward!
    Featured Class: Yoga to Combat Stress with Jen Pastiloff
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 18
    Journaling Prompts: “Something I’ve been putting off is…” and/or “Something that pains me that I prefer not to think about is...” and/or “A conversation I am dreading now is...”

  3. Random Act of Kindness - Do one (or many!) random acts of kindness today. Give someone a compliment, send someone flowers, help a friend or a neighbor out. Do something kind and watch that kindness come right back your way.
    Featured Class: Puro Amor with Maite Onochie in English or Spanish
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 19
    Journaling Prompts: “I’m having a hard time digesting...” and/or “I feel stuck when...” and/or “I wish I could accept that...”

  4. Dream - What do you dream of? Journal on a dream you want to accomplish, then narrow down 5 clear action steps. Take one of them today!
    Featured Class: Manifesting Magic with Rachel Brathen
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 20
    Journaling Prompt: “A dream I want to manifest for the community is...”


  1. Friendship - Make a friend-date today! Set a time the way you would for a date in real life; brew yourself some tea and get together via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or another virtual space.
    Featured Class: Ebb and Flow with Bee Bosnak
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 21
    Journaling Prompts: “My Inner Critic tells me...” and then “My Inner Best Friend tells me...”

  2. Journal - Grab your journal and a pen and practice stream of consciousness journaling today. Start a sentence with “Today I feel…” and then fill in the blank. Set your timer for 10 minutes and don’t stop writing until the timer goes off or you feel lighter (whichever comes first).
    Featured Class: Renew and Heal with Ashley Albrand
    Journaling Prompts: Write about your life. “My Life Story Is...”⁣
    “The Most Beautiful Time in My Life Was...”
    “The Most Challenging Time In My Life Was...”⁣
    "What did I take away from that time? What did I learn? How did I grow?"
    "How can I apply this resilience today?"

  3. A Treat - Treat yourself to a sacred moment of extra indulgent self-care today. Take a long, yummy bath, eat a delicious piece of chocolate cake, get between the sheets, splurge on something online. Treat yourself!
    Featured Class: Sweet Relaxation with Dianne Bondy
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 23
    Journaling Prompt: “A challenge that keeps repeating in my life is...”

  4. Prayer - After your practice today, sit down in meditation. What do you long for? Write a prayer for yourself and for the world. Speak it out loud, and then put it on your altar.
    Featured Class: Lakshmi Abundance with Susanna Barkataki
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 24
    Journaling Prompt: Write a prayer for yourself and the world and put it on your altar or sacred place.


  1. Release - Journal on what baggage you are ready to put down… Then do a fire ceremony to release! To journal, begin your sentence with “I would feel lighter if I let go of…” and see where it takes you.
    Featured Class: Vinyasa Tune Up with Rocky Heron
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 25
    Journaling Prompt: “I would feel lighter if I let go of...”

  2. Meditation - Take some time today to sit in silence, to quiet your mind, to breathe and to allow yourself to just be.
    Featured Class: Courageous Flow with Rachel Brathen
    Facebook LIVE Talk + Yoga: Day 26
    Journaling Prompt: “Something I am uncovering about myself right now is...”

  3. Truth - What scares you? Take a moment to contemplate and meditate on your fears. Acknowledge those feelings and allow them to be. Journal: “Right now, I worry about…” and then “In reality…” - what scares you, and what’s the truth about where you are right now?
    Featured Class: Invigorating Tibetan Yoga Flow with Susanna Barkataki
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 27
    Journaling Prompts: “If you really knew me, you would find that actually I am...” and/or “A side of myself that I feel like I can not show is...”

  4. Sweat - Today let’s work up a sweat. Today’s practice is extra fiery. Get your blood pumping and your sweat flowing to clear out.
    Featured Class: Be Like Water with Liz Arch
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 28
    Journaling Prompt: “I deserve a medal for...”


  1. Self-Love - Focus on loving yourself completely, exactly as you are. Write a list of qualities you love about yourself. Don’t hold back! Afterward, pick one that you resonate with - something you need to hear right not. Put it on a post-it and stick it on your bathroom mirror.
    Featured Class: Stand In Your Power with Dianne Bondy
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 29
    Journaling Prompt: “A quality that I absolutely love about myself is...”

  2. Affirmation - Take the intention you set at the beginning of this challenge (day 2) and turn it into an affirmation. Begin your sentence with “I Am…” and then finish the blank. The more you affirm something to yourself, the more you call it into existence.
    Featured Classes: Anchored with Rachel Brathen and Yoga Girl® LIVE Talk + Yoga with Rachel Brathen
    Journaling Prompt: Turn Day 1’s intention into an affirmation, starting your sentence with “I AM...”

Extra Week of Space:

  1. Forgiveness - True forgiveness has less to do with the other person and more to do with settling that place inside of you that feels uneasy. We don’t have to forgive everyone for everything! Instead, let’s contemplate forgiveness as a way to release resentment and bring more peace to our own hearts.
    Featured Classes: Release Tension and Let Go with Bee Bosnak and Yoga Girl® LIVE Talk + Yoga with Rachel Brathen
    Journaling Prompts: “I feel resentment for...” and/or “I wish I could forgive...” and/or “I carry hurt around...”

  2. Joy - Today we are dedicating space and time to connect with things that make us laugh, that bring us happiness, and that fill us up.
    Featured Class: Rhythm of Your Hips with Rocky Heron
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 32
    Journaling Prompt: “I come alive when...”


  1. Temple - Everything you have ever experienced in this lifetime has been experienced through your body. Today, make sure you recognize it for the miracle it is.
    Featured Classes: Love Your Body with Jen Pastiloff and Yoga Girl® LIVE Talk + Yoga with Rachel Brathen
    Journaling Prompt: Write a letter to your body and see what comes up, starting with: “Dear Body,...”

  2. Ease - What is working well in your life? Where can you find areas of flow? Take some time today to soften and to recognize what is already working – we often take it for granted!
    Featured Class: Trap Medicine with Ashley Albrand
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 34
    Journaling Prompt: “Something that is flowing well in my life is...”

  3. Manifest - You have the power to manifest all your deepest desires. It comes with breaking down the big pictures into smaller, easy-to-do steps. What step can you take today to manifest your dreams?
    Featured Classes: Core Connection with Coral Brown and Yoga Girl® LIVE Talk + Shaking Meditation with Rachel Brathen
    Journaling Prompt: “What do I truly want out of life?”


  1. Healing - Healing is not linear; it is a journey. Today, give thanks for where you are on your path. There are lessons and epiphanies to be found around every corner. Remember: you are doing the work right now.
    Featured Class: Yoga to Heal a Broken Heart with Rachel Brathen
    Facebook LIVE Talk: Day 36
    Journaling Prompts: Write on paper a bullet point list of ALL your resources for healing and any things that help you to feel better or help bring you from a bad place to feeling better and “A wound that keeps resurfacing for me is...” and/or “My biggest trigger is...and without it my life would be...”

  2. Together - If this journey has taught us anything, it is that we are stronger together. How can you create community today? You are never alone. We are all in this together.
    Featured Classes: My Body, My Friend with Dianne Bondy and Yoga Girl® LIVE Talk + Yoga with Rachel Brathen
    Journaling Prompt: “A change I want to see in the world is…”


Share what inspires you each day as you move through the challenge!

As the current worldwide situation is serious and should not be taken lightly, we will continue to stay informed and most importantly stay at home in order to flatten the curve. In the meantime, use this challenge to move from panic to peace, to ground, to unite, and to connect with each other through the beauty of the online world.

Let’s connect, share, move, breathe, feel, and inspire each other through these strange and uncertain times. One thing we know for sure is the strength of connection and community can not be matched.

Stay safe, stay connected, and stay home. Practice with us online and let’s open our hearts and bring some peace into our lives.

We can make it through this challenging time, together, still feeling at peace in our bodies.

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