Return to Your Practice: 12-Day Yoga Challenge

Join our Return to Your Practice: 12-Day Yoga Challenge with Rachel Brathen, including 12 curated yoga classes, altar creation ceremony, and more. Reconnect with your practice and cultivate discipline in community!

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Return to Your Practice: 12-Day Yoga Challenge

The winter slumber is real, we’ve been resting in our cozy blankets, snuggled up in hibernation mode, but the sun is starting to peek through, the birds are starting to sing, and it’s time to awaken and energize our body, mind and spirit!

Which is why we invite you to join us to shake off the winter and welcome the vibrance of spring in our Countdown to Spring: 12-Day Yoga Challenge, beginning and ending with two very special Healing Hours with Rachel Brathen.

It takes discipline to show up every day, but it's easier when we do it together! This challenge isn’t about pushing to the extreme, it's about the joy of rediscovering our daily movement practice together on our mats, to breathe life into the practices that sustain us in mind, body and spirit.

This challenge is about more than moving our bodies, it's about showing up for ourselves every single day, with no judgment, just to enjoy the gift of embodiment, to come back to our practice, and start to cultivate the habit of getting back on the mat consistently. When we do it together, it makes it so much more fun and we show up for others just as much as we show up for ourselves.

Are you with us? Let’s go! We got this.

You can download the full schedule here.

Day 1: Kickoff session with Rachel Brathen to set your intention

Day One is all about setting our intentions for the days ahead and creating a sacred space that will be nurturing for your practices.

As we step into this challenge, take a moment to set a gentle and loving intention for yourself. Let your heart guide you as you begin this beautiful journey.

Day 2: Begin Again 🌿

Day 2 is all about hitting the reset button, anchoring our intentions, and embracing mindful movement. Are you ready to infuse your day with the essence of renewal? Let's dive in!

Day 3: Take Up Space ✨

Day 3 is all about taking up space and reconnecting with your authentic self. Look deep in your heart, bring attention to your needs, move intuitively, and take up space in ways that allow you to be unapologetically yourself in this feel-good practice.

Day 4: Creative Transformation 🎨

Day 4 is all about creativity and transformation. If things have been feeling unstable and unpredictable, you aren’t alone in those feelings. Follow Rachel's gentle guidance to help you find steadiness, face tough challenges head on, and anchor into a space that will allow you to go much deeper in your creative transformation and healing.

Day 5: Ground into Self-Care 🌸

Day 5 is all about grounding into self-care. Join Rachel in prioritizing self-care as you drop into the breath, move your body, and return home to yourself with this hip and hamstring-focused flow class.

Day 6: Fill Your Cup 🍵

In Day 6 we are nurturing ourselves with pure bliss and enjoyment as we dive into the essence of self-care by daring to fill our cup. Go deeply inside of your heart, nurture yourself, and anchor into a sense of stability with Rachel in this beautifully healing practice.

Day 7: Cleanse and Release ⭐️

Day 7 is about shifting our energy to shake off and clear out the cobwebs of Winter, making space for the energy of Spring. Do you have aspects of your life in need of more balance and harmony? Join Rachel in this energizing Vinyasa flow class to find clarity on the relationships and parts of your life that are in need of healing. An especially potent practice will invite you to dig a little deeper and plant seeds for a new beginning.

Day 8: Trust Your Intuition 🌷

Day 8 is all about cultivating your intuition, letting your body lead the way, and listening to your gut. Discover the strength of your inner wisdom and create a deeper understanding of your body's needs in this Vinyasa flow class. You'll gain confidence in trusting your unique intuition and honoring your well-being beyond the mat!

Day 9: Activate Your Full Potential ✨

Day 9 is about self-love, connecting with the our inner child, and showering ourselves with kindness and compassion. Set your intention to open up, move, breathe, and release anything you are holding onto while connecting to your full power and potential in today's practice.

Day 10: Show Up 🧡

As the energy of a new season draws near, we look back on the work it has taken to show up for ourselves, and reward ourselves for it by inviting the energy of renewal into our homes to brighten our days.

Day 11: Make Space for Peace 🤍

After taking such good care of ourselves throughout the challenge; showing up, moving, breathing and meeting our needs every day, today we create space for peace and calm. Let’s slow things down and tune inward.

Day 12: Finish strong with a beautiful Spring Equinox Ceremony with Rachel Brathen

We close together with a Spring Equinox Ceremony with Rachel to welcome this new season!

Eclipse Recovery Healing Hour LIVE Saturday, April 13th, 2024

Healing Hour LIVE Saturday, May 4th, 2024

Healing Hour LIVE Saturday, June 8th, 2024

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