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Show Up (Asana Only)

Join Rachel for a sweaty Vinyasa flow class to help you shift your focus toward showing up for yourself, so that you can do the work and show up for others in return.

Begin by activating your core, your source of fire and personal power source, then move through a strong standing sequence.

Continue to show up for yourself, gain awareness, and show up for the world by doing the work to educate, protect, and support yourself and your community.

Theme of the Day: Show Up


For today’s activity, treat yourself to the simple yet profound act of self-love by buying a radiant bouquet of flowers! Let the vibrant colors and delicate fragrances fill your space with an air of joy and tranquility. The act of adorning your home with flowers becomes a tangible expression of self-appreciation. This gesture is a testament to the love and care you are worthy of, nurturing not only the environment around you but also the tender garden of self-compassion within your heart.

Journaling Prompt:

Something I want to manifest this spring is…

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