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How to Make Your New Year Sacred

At the end of every year, everywhere you turn there’s always a focus on New Year’s resolutions, setting new goals, and ways to improve your life with all that “new year, new me” mentality, but what if there was a different way to approach the new year?

Yoga Girl Editor - Friday, 12:09 am

Self-Worth Struggle: The Unshakable Commitment Between You and You

One of the most important realizations we can ever have in life is understanding our own self-worth.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:16 pm

To Those Who Are Hiding Their Fire, Here’s A Matchstick

There is a fire in your soul - a spark ready to ignite its force through your spirit and out into the world.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:17 pm

The Downside of Being in Your Body

I was never sporty. I got out of running the mile in gym class every year with a note from my allergist. I wrote essays on the benefits of exercise in the library instead. I didn’t see the point of sports, or dance, or playing outside at recess. I was much more interested in reading.

Haley Jakobson - Monday, 7:24 pm

Drink This Matcha Green Tea Latte for Morning Mindfulness

Some days a hot cup of coffee is LIFE. But it isn’t the healthiest daily ritual for the nervous system! When I want a break from coffee but still need an energy boost, I turn to matcha. Plus, making a latte with this green tea is a beautiful, sacred ceremony of the heart.

Rachel Brathen - Tuesday, 4:22 pm

Why You Should Lean Into the Struggle If You Want to Grow

Every moment is your teacher, here to guide you along your path of growth — but only if you lean in. How do you react to the moments that hurt? What if you dug your heels into the struggle, opened your heart and looked deeper?

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:32 pm

I Can't Believe It's Ending

I listened to your last words today. So there is this voice message you sent me right before you died. It’s been in my phone for over 6 years, but I could never make myself press play.

Rachel Brathen - Monday, 9:03 pm

A Letter from our CEO

We have received some comments and complaints from Trump supporters claiming our online platform no longer feels like a “safe space”. I’d like to address that.

Rachel Brathen - Tuesday, 7:51 pm

Resources for Anti-Racism, Social Justice, and Cultural Understanding

We are ALL capable of creating a better world to live in and a better world to leave for those that come after us. It starts with doing the work in understanding where subconscious biases may lie, and how we can take action to create a positive global impact. Let's begin...

Yoga Girl Editor - Tuesday, 7:28 pm

6-Ingredient Raw Vegan Chocolate—Yoga Girl’s Favorite Recipe from the Yoga Girl® Kitchen

This raw vegan dessert recipe is so easy to make and so crazy-delicious that you’ll never want to buy a chocolate candy bar again! It’s my all-time favorite recipe. Plus, what’s better than REAL cacao mixed with coconut and nut butter??

Rachel Brathen - Friday, 10:46 am


Can you practice three days of non-violence? Sounds relatively easy, right? But, when we look more closely, we may realize there are countless ways that we cause ourselves and others harm on a daily basis.

Coral Brown - Tuesday, 5:13 am

A Crack

I don’t know what it is about today but every time I move my body I cry. Yesterday was rough. I can’t explain it - just rough.

Rachel Brathen - Monday, 11:04 pm

A Healing

Good morning! Or, grand rising. I heard someone say a while back “we are not mourning - we are rising” and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Grand rising. Each new day, we rise.

Rachel Brathen - Saturday, 5:56 pm

Good Vibes and Vegan Protein: 5-Ingredient Green Pea Soup

I don’t know which is more satisfying: feeling full with good vibes after eating this green pea soup, or quieting the skeptics who don’t believe protein comes from anything besides animals. Between the green peas and beans, this soup is protein central — vegan and cruelty-free!!

Rachel Brathen - Monday, 8:25 pm

Yoga is Hard, Even for Yoga Girl — Why We Must Lean into the Struggle

Don’t let Instagram or magazine covers fool you — everyone struggles; on their yoga mat, and on their life’s journey. Even though my name on Instagram is yoga_girl, this is my truth: Yoga is not easy for me.

Rachel Brathen - Saturday, 10:14 pm
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