The Downside of Being in Your Body

I was never sporty. I got out of running the mile in gym class every year with a note from my allergist. I wrote essays on the benefits of exercise in the library instead. I didn’t see the point of sports, or dance, or playing outside at recess. I was much more interested in reading.


Why You Should Lean Into the Struggle If You Want to Grow

Every moment is your teacher, here to guide you along your path of growth — but only if you lean in. How do you react to the moments that hurt? What if you dug your heels into the struggle, opened your heart and looked deeper?

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:32 pm

I Can't Believe It's Ending

I listened to your last words today. So there is this voice message you sent me right before you died. It’s been in my phone for over 6 years, but I could never make myself press play.

Rachel Brathen - Monday, 9:03 pm

A Crack

I don’t know what it is about today but every time I move my body I cry. Yesterday was rough. I can’t explain it - just rough.

Rachel Brathen - Monday, 11:04 pm

A Healing

Good morning! Or, grand rising. I heard someone say a while back “we are not mourning - we are rising” and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Grand rising. Each new day, we rise.

Rachel Brathen - Saturday, 5:56 pm

Growing Pains of the Heart: 5 Things to Remember

Your heart needs to break open from time to time; it's how we transform and grow as human beings. Even though these growing pains hurt, there’s a silver lining: more light.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:12 pm

The Myth of “I Am Not Doing Enough” - How We Underestimate Ourselves and How to Turn it Around

Why do others see us so differently than we see ourselves? We all make a difference in this world, more so than we might realize.

Jen Pastiloff - Monday, 10:22 pm

Taking Care of Your Inner Creative Child

As artists, whether it be a writer, actor, painter, poet, we often refer to our ‘inner child’ as the source of our creative abilities. The part of ourselves that ‘arts’. That compels us to tell stories. As children, we create with unharnessed vigor.

Amie McNee - Monday, 10:20 pm

The Key to Growth is to Let it Burn - It’s Time to Step into the Fire

This is the day you look your fears square in the eye...without running away.

Rachel Brathen - Tuesday, 1:12 pm

What Do Panic, Prayer, and Prana Have in Common?

Feeling panicked is anything but fun, but it is helpful! Panic provokes us to accept that something isn’t great and to make a change—or at least, to pray. What does this process have to teach us about ourselves and the prana flowing through everything?

Rachel Brathen - Monday, 10:40 pm

A Crash Course on the 7 Chakras

If you’ve been practicing yoga, you’ve probably heard about Chakras, but what exactly are they? How do they impact your yoga practice and daily life? Learn more about the Chakras with this digestible overview.

Yoga Girl Editor - Thursday, 6:53 pm

30 Days of Space: A Yoga Girl® Community Challenge

Introducing 30 Days of Space! A Yoga Girl® Community Challenge for Self-Care and Peace-of-Mind. 30 days, 30 themes, and 30 yoga classes designed to create space in our hearts, our bodies and our minds as we find ourselves in a time of social distancing and uncertainty.

Yoga Girl Editor - Friday, 8:08 pm

The Healing Component of Sharing

We live in a world that constantly, constantly tells us to change. To improve. To get better. Transform yourself; get thinner, stronger, more fit, continue to climb the ladder, make more money. Be a better mother, a better father, a better leader, a better person.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:58 pm

The Most Important Initiative I Have Ever Been a Part of - 29k

Introducing: 29k – the most important initiative I have ever been a part of. 29k is a non-profit dedicated to changing the world through providing tools for meaningful connection and healing. These tools are available to everyone, for free, forever.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:12 pm

These are the Truths That Set Me Free

The first time I went on a Path of Love retreat, my eyes felt like they opened for the very first time. The truths I learned set me free from a cage I never even knew I had locked myself into.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 7:09 pm
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