Self-Worth Struggle: The Unshakable Commitment Between You and You

One of the most important realizations we can ever have in life is understanding our own self-worth.


To Those Who Are Hiding Their Fire, Here’s A Matchstick

There is a fire in your soul - a spark ready to ignite its force through your spirit and out into the world.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:17 pm

Dare to Explore: The Magic in Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

There are different types of comfort. The comfort of a delicious chai tea, reading your favorite book, cuddling your fur baby, laughing with those you love. These comforts are comforts of truth, desire, love. But there is another kind of comfort. A comfort that is dangerous to your psyche, your soul, and to living a life based on your heart’s desire...

Christine Gutierrez - Thursday, 6:38 pm

Life Lessons Worth Sharing - Yoga Girl's Guide to Living Your Best Life

I've come to terms with the fact that I'm broken. Not in a sad way but in an it-is-what-it-is kind of way. Life happened and I've adjusted accordingly. We're all a little bit shattered. Pain and heartache comes our way and with time we develop patterns that we think will protect us... but that only keep us in fear.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:40 pm

Have You Ever Felt Like A Fraud? - Here’s to Being Human and Imperfect and Enough

I lead workshops around the world encouraging people to get honest, vulnerable, loud. (Why, especially as women, are we so afraid to be loud or take up space?) In my workshops, I often ask: "How many of you feel like a fraud?" Almost the whole room raises their hands, usually.

Jen Pastiloff - Thursday, 6:41 pm

Who Am I?

When we take away all of the labels we use to describe ourselves, what's left? Who are we when we aren't role models, family members, or climbers of our career ladders? Who are we when we aren't doing, performing, or producing? Who are YOU?

Rachel Brathen - Saturday, 10:43 pm

Exploring Self-Love as a Practice

The practice of yoga means a great many things to a great many people. To me, it means a practice of connection to myself and ultimately a larger connection to the world.

Dianne Bondy - Monday, 10:22 pm

A Reminder to Those Who Feel "Too Much"

I feel so very blessed to feel. It’s a profound and holy gift, the experience of feeling. Have you been told feeling is a bad thing, that you can feel “too much?” I have. And I couldn’t disagree more.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:38 pm

5 Ways to Love Yourself First and Live Your Life for YOU

Two truths have changed my life: 1 - You can’t know love, and give love, if you don’t love yourself first. If you try, it won’t be pure or unconditional. 2 - You’re here for a specific purpose that only you have. It makes zero sense to live anyone else’s life but your own! Come home to yourself and your divine purpose with these 5 tips.

Rachel Brathen - Monday, 10:27 pm

How to Hold Space for Yourself

Setting boundaries is a radical act of self-love. It draws a firm line between you and other people’s bullshit. It is not your job to clean up everybody else’s mess, or to be on the receiving end of drama and gossip that doesn’t involve you!

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:13 pm

Challenging My Inner Critic with Compassion

DO THE HARD THING. And be gentle with yourself in the process. That thing you’re terrible at. That thing that’s good for you that’s boring or difficult or that humbles you. Have compassion for yourself in the process. Talk to your inner best friend. Make a list of things that you love about yourself and put it on repeat as you DO THE THING that’s hard.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:12 pm

How To Be Free

“Follow” no one out of obligation. I mean on social media – or, in real life.

Jen Pastiloff - Thursday, 6:08 pm

Replenish, Refresh and Renew: Welcome to Spring

Spring is my favourite time of year. I am always excited to see the world start fresh with a clean slate. I live in a cold climate, so I am always ready to see winter move on from its icy grip – I can see the beauty in the winter whiteness, but, it’s not my favourite time of the year.

Dianne Bondy - Thursday, 7:18 pm

How to Be Beautiful: Here’s the Key (You’ve Had It All Along)

The key to being beautiful is not what you’ve been told. We live in a culture obsessed with defining what it means to be beautiful; it’s so bad that we have industries running the world just to make you hide who you are and hope you’ll be loved more for it.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 7:23 pm

A Leap of Faith and The Secret to Finding Love

I’ve done many things in my life that absolutely terrified me. The thing that terrified me the most? Marrying this man. Committing to marriage rewrote my faith in love, in life.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 7:23 pm
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