The Yoga Girl® Guide to Creating a New Moon Ritual

As the moon pulls on the tides, the energy of the moon has a direct energetic effect on us as well! We are made up of 70% water, and the push and pull of the planets, cosmos, and astrological weather can be felt as an ebb and flow of energy that we can work with to get into alignment and elevate our connection to the universe.


Astrology for Connecting Romantically

Having a romantic connection is incredibly important in a relationship, especially if you hope to make it a long-term and serious relationship. Determining if you have the potential for romantic compatibility can be hard right off the bat. It can be a mysterious process finding someone who you click with, but sometimes using our astrological signs can help ascertain if your relationship has a chance of blossoming into something deeper and long-lasting.

Debra Silverman - Tuesday, 8:34 pm

What is Astrology?

Do you find yourself looking up when you’re searching for the right words to say, or for the answer to the burning question in your heart? How breathtaking is it when you find yourself under a night so star-filled that there’s more twinkle than black? That awe isn’t easily replicated.

Debra Silverman - Tuesday, 4:57 pm
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