This is the Remedy for Overwhelm in a Loud World

The world is LOUD. And the world inside our own heads is just as loud - or worse! This is a call to make space for silence, the remedy for overwhelm and so much more.


6 Life Lessons from Yoga Girl to Help You Meditate on Love

Life doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it. In my time on this earth, I’ve learned lessons that all point to the same thing - we are not alone, unworthy or incapable. We are LOVE.

Rachel Brathen - Saturday, 10:00 pm

The World Needs an Intention Avalanche. Let’s Start One.

Urgent conversations are now on the table. But the voices of the victims are still fighting to be heard. To be believed. To be protected.

Rachel Brathen - Tuesday, 12:17 am

Unblock Your Path to Peace: A Yoga Girl® Guide to the Kleshas

In yogic philosophy, the Kleshas are the 5 obstacles that keep us from true contentment. Learn what they are and how to release yourself from their grip.

Yoga Girl Editor - Tuesday, 12:09 am

5-Minute Meditation for People Who Can’t Meditate

Today is the day you meditate! It’ll only take 5 minutes, and it just might change your life. Doubtful? That’s okay. I’ll tell you why and how to try it right now.

Rachel Brathen - Monday, 11:57 pm

Why the Moments That Matter the Most Are the Ones That Go Unnoticed

I live for the little moments in between. Not the moments when I cross the finish line of a goal, not the events that make headlines, but those moments that usually aren’t even noticed.

Rachel Brathen - Thursday, 6:17 pm

Yoga Girl's Guide to Starting a Meditation Practice

Starting a meditation practice can be more daunting than starting a physical yoga practice. If you have been practicing yoga for a while, you probably know that there are eight limbs to this way of life. Asana is one, Dhyana is another.

Rachel Brathen - Tuesday, 12:12 am

7 Ways to Be Here Now: A Yoga Girl® Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

We’ve made meditation and mindfulness complicated. We created step-by-step regimens to create a perfectly purified atmosphere, and we pay boat loads of money for trainings and retreats to learn how to master it...

Yoga Girl Editor - Monday, 10:26 pm

Why I love working with women. A prayer.

I’m away for the weekend leading a retreat. It’s all women. My favorite. I’m laying here in the dark next to my son. I don’t have my hearing aids in so I can’t hear a thing except my tinnitus. The shushing in my head never ceases. The ringing. It’s water rushing, it’s a never ending reminder of something I’ll never remember, an inchoate ear that got stuck, perhaps as it was forming.

Jen Pastiloff - Monday, 9:58 pm
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