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Spring Equinox Ceremony - LIVE Healing Hour with Rachel Brathen

Join us to close our 12-Day Yoga Challenge and welcome in Spring with a Spring Equinox ceremony!

We have moved our bodies, awakened our hearts and reconnected with ourselves and our practices. It's time to celebrate all the hard work that we have done in the last 12 days and welcome in Spring together!

Gather your items for your Spring Altar, your yoga mat, a journal and a pen and lets set our intentions for Spring! Together we will move our bodies, and awaken to a renewed sense of purpose in our lives in this beautiful Spring Equinox Ceremony with Rachel.

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Journaling Prompts:

Where in my life do I feel a sense of balance right now?

My intention for Spring is...

What do I want to create this Spring?

What seeds am I already planting?

What has to die for new life to grow?

This Spring, who do I want to be/how do I want to feel?

What feels out of balance in my life?

Oracle Card Deck: Kuan Yin Oracle

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Theme of the Day: Make Space for Peace


For today’s activity we are crafting a sacred evening ritual! As the day gently moves into evening, gift yourself the sacred space to wind down with grace. Engage in a practice such as Yoga Nidra or meditation, guiding your mind into stillness. Create an atmosphere that resonates with the sacred, whether it's through soft candlelight, soothing music, or the comforting embrace of a cozy blanket. As you delve into this sacred ritual, cultivate a harmonious connection with yourself, fostering a sense of peace that carries into the night.

Journaling Prompt:

How am I feeling in my body right now?
Something I have learned about myself throughout this yoga challenge is…