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Return to Your Practice - Challenge Opening LIVE Healing Hour with Rachel Brathen

Join us to set intentions, return to our mats and move our bodies in this very special LIVE Healing Hour to open our Return to Your Practice 12-day Yoga Challenge!

Let's reconnect with ourselves and our practices, awaken from the slumber of winter and welcome Spring with strong bodies and minds together!

Spotify class playlist

Please note that while Spotify playlists are often provided, they are optional and will not negatively impact your experience if not used.

Oracle card deck is The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit by Kim Krans.

Journaling Prompts

My intention for this challenge is…

At the end of this challenge, I want to feel…

Activity of the Day

Activity of the Day: Create Your Sacred Space!

Your sacred space is not just a physical location; it's a reflection of the intention you've set.

Choose Your Spot: Decide where in your home you'll be rolling out your mat every day. Can you leave your mat rolled out for the duration of the challenge?

Design Your Haven: Rearrange furniture if needed – create a sacred corner, nook, or a whole room! Think about what soothes your soul and arrange your space accordingly.

Cleanse and Organize: Clean your chosen space well and remove any physical or energetic clutter. Organize your props, candles, or anything that adds to the ambiance.

Personal Touch: Add a personal touch – a favorite quote, a cozy blanket, or a touch of nature. Make it uniquely yours.

Easy Access: Ensure your sacred space is easy to get to. Let it be a place that beckons you with open arms, welcoming you home to yourself every single day of the challenge.

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