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Shake It Out

It's time to shake it out, literally! Join Rachel for "extra space" and Day 35 of the 30 Days of Space Yoga Girl® community challenge to shake and release anything that you need to let go of.

This short, but powerfully effective Kundalini-inspired shaking meditation will help you release tension and emotion from the body, leaving you with a beautifully calm your mind and settled nervous system. Begin with the day's guided meditation and oracle card inspiration before shaking it all out. This practice also pairs well around the time of a new moon, releasing so that you may begin to renew and manifest for the lunar cycle ahead.

Click here for the Spotify playlist for this class OR stream the shaking music for free here. Rachel will cue when to start the music.

If you're new to shaking, Rachel begins sharing details of the shaking meditation at 10:30.

The physical practice starts at 24:00.

Deck is The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck by Kim Krans, available here.