Astrology for Connecting Romantically

Having a romantic connection is incredibly important in a relationship, especially if you hope to make it a long-term and serious relationship.

Determining if you have the potential for romantic compatibility can be hard right off the bat. It can be a mysterious process finding someone who you click with, but sometimes using our astrological signs can help ascertain if your relationship has a chance of blossoming into something deeper and long-lasting.

The Most Compatible Signs Romantically

Aries & Sagittarius:


Being a fire sign, Aries feel the need to take initiative when it comes to love. When they’re in love, they most likely will be very affectionate with their partner, sometimes even excessively. Because of this characteristic, it’s not uncommon that an Aries will forget to check to see if they’re receiving that same level of affection and care. They’re passionate, ready for adventure, and energetic.

Those who are Sagittarius, also a fire sign, are very playful and humorous, yet expressive with their emotions. This sign looks for a partner who is equally as open, as well as sensitive and intellectual.

Since Aries tend to be more independent, while Sagittarius tend to be more free-spirited, they bring out the best in each other. They tend to want a lot of the same things in a relationship, which makes them an automatic match. To make things work, it’s important to appeal to both signs. The Sagittarius will want adventures and to try things outdoors, while the Aries will also want adventure but will probably take the lead on this. Keep things interesting by traveling to somewhere new together, getting into a new fitness routine as a couple, or going to a new restaurant.

Taurus & Capricorn:


In a relationship, Taurus signs look for predictability, stability, and comfort. They have a tender nature and are extremely reliable and patient with others. Their compatibility in a romantic relationship relies heavily on the creation of a safe environment and intimacy.

Capricorns are responsible and have great self-control. Winning the heart of a Capricorn can be hard to do, but once they let their walls down they are life-long, loyal partners. They show their sensitive side through their actions, rather than their words. Capricorns are often set in their ways and may struggle with compromise.

Based on their character, Taurus signs are the most compatible with Capricorns. Taurus signs are often looking for stability and someone that they can rely upon. Luckily, they can find this in a Capricorn who shows great self-control. Because the Capricorn may struggle to show their softer side, it may be hard at first for a Capricorn and Taurus to connect. However, the Taurus’ patience will give the Capricorn time to break down their wall and be intimate with one another. A great way to spend time together for these signs is by going to a less-crowded date spot so they can have time to communicate on a deeper level.

Gemini & Aquarius:


Gemini signs are one of duality, they have personality traits on opposite sides of the spectrum. One side is extremely outgoing, confident, witty, and flirtatious. The other side is a little neurotic, indecisive, and flighty. Geminis are always ready for an intellectual challenge and love first through communication.

Aquarius signs are equally as amused by intellectual stimulation as the Gemini, but tend to thrive more on independence and often need some alone time. In relationships, they consider their partner their equal and give them space for independence as well.

Geminis are the most compatible with an Aquarius sign for various reasons. Getting into a serious and committed relationship will require a lot of patience and time for both signs, but when they’re in love they both are willing to do so. These compatible signs work because they teach each other new things and keep life interesting. Both these signs will thrive through adventurous dates and things that intellectually stimulate them.

Cancer & Pisces:


Cancer is a very emotional sign, which is why feelings are very important to them in their relationships. This sign is dedicated, gentle, loyal, and highly imaginative. In relationships, they tend to show their sensibility without the thought of how they can get hurt. They yearn for a partner who can easily interpret their love through non-verbal language and who makes them feel safe.

On the other hand, Pisces are extremely friendly to others, constantly selfless, but enjoy their alone time a lot. They’re hopeless romantics and look for deep connections within their relationships. They’re caring and very loyal, almost blindingly so.

Cancers and Pisces have the deepest chemistry as they are complementary signs. Cancers look for safety and emotional stability and they find this in a relationship with the gentle Pisces. Pisces find their romance and deep connection through the emotions that the Cancers exude. A perfect date for these signs includes a romantic, classic rendezvous. A walk around town, a romantic candle-lit dinner, or anything that keeps the excitement of love alive.

Leo & Virgo:


Being a fire sign makes Leos very passionate and sincere when displaying their feelings. They tend to take the leadership role in any relationship as they strongly rely on their need for independence. They’re creative, generous, and funny but can come off stubborn or inflexible at times.

Virgo signs are loyal, practical, and kind-hearted in their relationships. They thrive the best in relationships when they feel safe enough to show their vulnerable side. Their expression of love often comes from intimacy and emotional self-expression, rather than direct statements.

The most compatible signs for a Leo is a Virgo. They both show their feelings in different ways but that works best for these two signs. In a relationship, the Leo is likely to display their feelings transparently, while the Virgo will show their affection in non-verbal language. They both are generous in their relationships, which makes them feel like equals; no one person is giving more or less than the other. A Leo and Virgo would thrive on a date where they both get to do what they want to do. Going to dinner? They’ll likely share their food and split the check even.

Libra & Scorpio:


Libra signs are often fair-minded, laid-back, but hate being alone. They focus on symmetry and balance in their lives, which is why the concept of partnership is so important to them. In their relationships, they tend to keep the harmony and peace. Additionally, they tend to look for romantic relationships in the traditional pathway and represent an “old-school love.”

Scorpios are very different than the Libra signs. They are stubborn, assertive, and decisive. In relationships, they look for intimacy and passion. Scorpios exist as exceptional leaders, both in life and their romantic relationships.

Libras and Scorpios make a great match because they makeup for the other’s weaknesses. The Libra sign brings the Scorpio balance and harmony when they are being stubborn, while the Scorpio brings the Libra passion and intimacy. Together, these signs may not seem like obvious love-matches but their polar opposites do attract. These signs are likely to be very intimate on dates both in public and at home.

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