All About Capricorn

Let’s talk all things Capricorn.

I want you to think about someone in school that always got A’s.

Someone who actually wanted--and even liked--doing extra homework.

The person who was the athlete with the really good body and stood out with their speed and skills.

Capricorn is the sign of excellence. The part in all of us who is so goal oriented that nothing will stand in the way of our efforts. So much so that they will step on any person who’s in the way.

Capricorns will do anything for money. Think Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, who admitted he was swayed to the dark in the name of prestige and money, brought to him by this association with Trump. Cohen has his Sun in the 10th house of Capricorn. This is the kind of information that describes someone who has the goal in front of his heart.

The opposite sign of Capricorn (which is what this full moon will reveal to us) is Cancer: the person who wears their heart on their sleeve and always lets their emotions come first. Compassion over ambition any day.

When there is a full moon, as there will be on December 22, 2018, two opposing forces come out to play. In this case, one is corporate, money oriented, and interested in goal setting; the other is feeling, family oriented and following the moment, depending on what is needed for the ‘other’.

Some of you reading this are workaholics and value getting shit done over sitting and listening to your friend. Others are emotionally distracted far too easily, and get caught in moods and family issues without even trying. You know which one you are.

The message is: neither is better or worse than the other, because in the map of human nature, both are required in our tapestry of humankind. Why we study Astrology (my Applied Astrology school is opening again in January, if you are interested in studying!) is to know which one you are, and then receive guilt-free cards to not worry about which one you are.

Capricorns are serious. Whatever they do, they do with excellence. Cancer is gentle and so caring. We need both sides.

During this full moon, ask yourself: do I tend to my emotions (Cancer) and am I on task with my goals (Capricorn)?

This is how we make use of this let the theme of the month come into focus.

Blessings, Debra

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