All About Libra

From September 23 through October 23, the Sun is in Libra, and our favorite Libra, Rachel, AKA Yoga Girl, will be celebrating a birthday.


Therefore, what a great way to show you Libra’s flavor. Think about Rachel’s ability to speak and share what is in her heart. She makes it so easy to listen to her voice and her message. She opens us up.

Libras are like that: they long for union, friendship, and sweetness. Relationship is their centerpiece and they make it their highest priority to share, care and make life sweet.

Libra is one of the easiest signs to get along with—until they are mad. Whether or not you have it in your natal chart, Libra is the part in all of us that wants harmony at all costs. They do not feel the need to take things too seriously. Well, that’s up until you push them hard and then you’ll see their temper (if only briefly) show up -- and it’s confusing. Sweet and then sour.

How can they be so nice and gentle one moment, and then suddenly lose their temper the next? Because like all of us, when we stash the truth of what we are feeling to maintain harmony at all costs, eventually we will explode. The short answer of the high-road of Libra is to walk straight into disharmony and speak to whatever is left unsaid -- and include the hard stuff in your life so it doesn’t surprise you and everyone around.

Libras want everyone to be ‘happy and light,’ which can create a pretense; however, when a Libra learns to dance with disharmony, staying with the hard stuff while consistently moving toward kindness and peace, then that pretense of ‘too nice’, or the feeling of being sacrificed for your partner in order to keep the harmony, or even worse—feeling fake and not yourself at times—that awful feeling will diminish.

Libras are in love with love; they hate fighting. Yet they do fight, and do it well. They can turn on and then turn off quickly. It’s a contrast in opposites (think scales going from one side to the other, which is the artwork of their sign). In every Libra there is a mediator, a peacemaker and at worst, a relationship addict. If we don’t address the duality and stand in the middle with awareness, Libra will ultimately find relationships very difficult.

Our favorite Libra, Rachel, shares openly about her husband, her mother, and her daughter, and in doing so, we all feel normal as she reveals her human feelings. We too know the feelings she speaks to -- the hard ones. She helps us see human as tender and vulnerable laced with beauty and rawness.

This kind of communicating is exactly what it takes to strengthen our bonds with anyone: to tell the truth. Risk the pretense of harmony for the truth of authentic friendship. Try it: go ahead and say to your partner what you don’t want to say. “I miss you when you leave town”. Or, “I wish you and I had more time together.” Or “I wish we could get closer and return to our love affair. I miss our love affair.”

While the Sun is in Libra this month, it’s the perfect time of the year to walk straight to truth with your closest peeps and speak to them what you really want to say—and most of all, the good stuff—what you appreciate about them. Go get a Hallmark card, or make one of those mushy love letters and tell those you love how much you love them.

Do you have Libra in your chart? To find out, come get a reading with one of my Certified Astrologers, and address the most important topic in everyone’s life: LOVE. How to get it, how to keep it and how to have the hard conversations that allow us to be ‘real,’ authentic and loving.

With the Sun in Libra, see and notice how much your issues of relationship appear…and find out if you can open your heart wider than you thought possible...

Sending sweet Libra love, Debra

P.S. I am honored to have interviewed Rachel for the Libra episode of my monthly sign-talks on my membership program, The Star Community. I’d love for you to join us there to hear how Libra shows up in Rachel’s life, and respond with where it shows up for you.

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