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The Moon Cycle, New Moon

Whether you are wanting to connect with the celestial New Moon itself, or are experiencing your own inner New Moon phase within at the start of your menstruation and follicular phase, this gentle class led by Maite will guide you along and give you an opportunity to tune in with your own inner rhythm, while honoring the shifts and changes you may feel as you move along each lunar/cycle phase. Also known as the first or "winter" phase, the New Moon is a time of deep rest, slowing down, contemplation, and inquiry as to what you'd like to create and manifest going forward in the lunar calendar. Follow Maite through soft hip-opening postures, nurturing lower body stretches, and guided meditation to honor this time and the cyclical nature of your body.

For this practice, you will need a two blankets and two blocks (or homemade substitutes.)

Continue practicing with the cycles of the moon, healing the lower Chakras, and connecting to your own personal "moon" to tap into your creativity, sexuality, and deep sacred power with the other Moon Cycle classes:

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