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The Moon Cycle, Full Moon

At the peak of not only the celestial lunar cycle when the moon is big and bright, but also your own inner moon cycle at the time of ovulation, the Full Moon is when energy is high and you are ready to create shifts in your life and work. Known as the third, or "Summer" phase, this time is deeply connected to release in order to pave way and shine bright in the new. Begin with grounding Pranayama, then cultivate your inner creative energy as you move through gentle Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations). Continue to activate, strengthen, and create space in your body as you explore dynamic movement and move with inner awareness. Pause to briefly integrate your Prana (life-force energy) then settle into gentle twists before surrendering to the Earth for Savasana. Follow Maite as you connect to the cyclical nature of the moon and your moon in this nourishing practice.

For this practice, you will need two blocks (or homemade substitutes.)

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