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The Moon Cycle, Waxing

After resting and contemplating in darkness through the New Moon phase, light begins to increase and emerge as you enter the budding Waxing Moon phase. Also known as the second, or "Spring" phase, this is a time when inspiration and energy begin to build, creativity sparks, and the zest for life and adventure reawakens. In your personal moon cycle, this is the time just after menstruation, right before ovulation, and at the end of your follicular phase. Follow Maite as she guides you through a gentle, but invigorating practice that will allow the body to reawaken and help you bring your manifestations to life. Starting with a nurturing Child's Pose, connect deeply with your own sense of emergence from darkness as you move through soft Puppy Poses, Cat/Cow cycles, hip-opening lunges, and feel-good stretches throughout.

For this practice, you will need a blanket and two blocks (or homemade substitutes.).

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