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108 Sun Salutations

Join Rachel for the wonderful practice of 108 Sun Salutations to call in the New Year! This practice can also be done as a ritual for any other big day, such as a Winter/Summer Solstice, a New/Full Moon, or whenever you feel called to, to clear away the old and make way for the new. This is an ancient practice to honor the 108 constellations in the Vedic Astrology tradition, done on a potent day in order to set intentions and shift your consciousness into an elevated state!

This beautiful practice can be done at your own pace, but when done alongside your fellow community, it can invoke a little boost of confidence and motivation. Rest, slow down, take breaks when you need to, and listen to your body as you move in rhythm with your breath and flow through 108 rounds of Surya Namaskar A. Allow yourself to drop in and get completely immersed in the practice, emerging into a connected, peaceful state as you step into the next chapter of your life.

Notes for class:

  1. For this class, 1-2 blocks are optional for additional length and support. Also, as this is a self-guided practice, please remember to come to class well-hydrated, warm up beforehand, cool down afterward, and give yourself some much deserved rest and integration in Savsasana at the end of your practice.

  2. After completing your 108, we recommend the gentle Love on Yourself class to work through any tightness and tension, which is common after a 108 practice.

  3. To help you keep count and keep track as you progress through 108 Sun Salutations, we suggest bringing along 9 pebbles, stones, crystals, beads or similar, and a piece of paper and pen to have at the top of your mat. Have your pebbles on one side of your mat, and with every completed Surya Namaskar, move one to the opposite side. After all 9 pebbles are on one side again, make a tally on your piece of paper. Repeat and tally 12 times for a total of 108.

Spotify playlist for this class is here (Rachel will cue in the class when to start it.)

Oracle deck for this class is The Wild Unknown Archetypes by Kim Krans.

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