5 Wellness Tips for Every Day

You are worthy of feeling your best every damn day! Here are 5 of my favorite wellness practices to inspire your daily life.

Whether it’s a hectic life, a lonely holiday season, or your self-care has slipped since your last New Year's Resolution, today is always the perfect day to feel alive and well.

And in case you forgot, you are your most important person. Fill your own cup so you can shine your brightest! Then watch the magic that follows.

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1. Create sacred mornings.

Mornings don’t have to be dreaded. Get to sleep a little earlier and wake up a little earlier so you can give yourself the time and space needed to start each day off right.

How you spend those first precious moments is up to you. Light a candle, sit in meditation for a few minutes, practice yoga, eat a good breakfast, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself 3 reasons why you’re a badass... Whatever action feels like a warm hug from the new day, do that thing.

Let your first thoughts be an opportunity to set your intentions for the day you want to have before it begins! Pressing snooze until the last minute and rushing out the door sets a hectic tone for the day. Make your mornings sacred and the rest of the day will follow suit.

2. Drink hot lemon water in the mornings.

Don’t bring yesterday with you! Hot water with lemon is cleansing, gets you metabolism started and wakes your body up for a fresh start.

Think of it as a way to completely reset your system from the day before, so anything you ingest after that (coffee, smoothie, a bagel munched down on the train on your way to work) will have a better chance of digesting and giving its nutrients to your body. Hot lemon water. It works.

3. Practice yoga.

I’m not saying you have to be a super yogi and spend 90+ minutes sweating on your mat every single day, just do what makes you feel good! Getting on your mat at home for 30 minutes a few times a week is a great start.

Your mat is your space to come back to your cleansing, grounding and releasing breath. It’s where you truly feel the body you’re living in. When you step on your mat, focus on the parts of your body that feel tight or sore today. These are the places where your body (and the emotions it’s holding onto) needs a little bit of extra love.

Or, go take a class at a studio close to your home! Creating community is a big piece to making yoga a permanent routine in your life.

4. Let yourself feel.

By this, I mean - allow yourself to have ups and downs! Don’t push things down below the surface where they never truly go away, but make space for your emotions. Holding in frustration, pain or grief is the fastest way to ensure poor health. __Our physical bodies are a perfect manifestation of how we feel within, so take care of your beautiful heart! __

Speak to friends, family or a safe person about the things that are troubling you, and the things that are bringing you joy! Write in a journal. Yell it to the ocean or forest. Share! It will make you lighter and spacious on every level.

5. Be thankful.

Write a gratitude list. Meditate on the beings that you’re thankful for and send them love. Write a letter, an actual pen-to-paper letter, to your best friend or a teacher who helped you more than they may know. There are an infinite ways to express gratitude!

It’s been proven over and over again: by focusing on the beautiful things we already have in life, we start attracting more of the same! Move your attention to the positive, and say thank you as often as you can.

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For health and wellness, gratitude is the best attitude!

What are your daily routines or rituals that help you stay balanced and live your most vibrant life? I'd love to hear! Share in the comments below.



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