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Surf Your Breath

If you've had a long day and are ready to wind down, or would just like to feel more grounded and centered, this class is for you! Calm the mind and become more focused on the here and now with Rachel as she gently guides you through the different areas of your respiratory system using Pranayama (conscious breathing) and meditation.

Lying down, you'll begin by checking in with the body and mind as you let the worries and stresses of the day float away. Continue by moving your awareness and breath through the lower belly, the Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra) and ribcage, and further up near the collarbones and upper chest, noticing the air filling the different areas of your lungs as you go. Round out your practice and feel the full expanse of your lungs by deepening the breath a bit more and combining the three separate areas into one complete whole.

For this class, you will need a space to lie down. Feel free to try a seated variation if that feels more comfortable.