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We are a big and loving community dedicated to being of service and we do the best we can with what we have - Everyone can be a Yoga Girl!

We don’t have to be perfect but we do have to show up, as we are.

It is through community that we are able to make a genuine difference in this world around us. Today, we are are more than 3 million voices making a difference around the world everyday. Online and in person.

To make more of an impact, we are shifting our focus and structuring ourselves to harness the power of our community in a in a major way. There is a lot of work to be done! We humbly ask you to join us. Read and listen. Practice with us. Learn. Educate yourself. Ask for help. Share your story. Tap into the community. Help us grow and improve.

Join us.

Get Involved, Be a Yoga Girl!

Join our private Yoga Girl® Community group on Facebook here, now made up of over 19k people! This is a safe space for us all to share our stories, our joy, our gratitude, our fears, our insecurities and to ask advice and receive true support.

The Yoga Girl® Community is here to support everyone from all walks of the earth. This space is moderated by volunteers and members of the Yoga Girl® team in order to provide a community that is spam-free, drama-free, gossip-free, and 100% full of love.

Not a fan of social media? No problem!

Share on our Yoga Girl® Community Sharing Board instead! Nothing required except a free account here on yogagirl.com. Share your first post here!

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Share from the heart (no fancy yoga poses required!) and tag us @yogagirlofficial with the hashtag #iamayogagirl to have your post featured on our account! You can also follow along with our community with #yogagirlcommunity.

Yoga Girl® and 29k

We are humbled and honored to finally invite you to our journey and our historic effort of bringing our healing tools to the world.

In the autumn of 2018, we will release our first of eight free courses from evidence-based research, supported exercises, and sharing activities in Self-Love and Self-Compassion.

Be the first to enroll in our historic effort to bring self-growth to the world, free, and online forever.

Learn more and download for free here.

Yoga Girl® Certified Teachers & Community Advocates

More than 250 Yoga Girl® Certified Teachers and dozens of community advocates are helping us make positive impact in communities around the world. Our community comes from diverse backgrounds, who individually use their unique skills to bring forth the values and vision of Yoga Girl® into the world that we all share.

They each carry a common belief that that yoga, meditation, holistic therapy and sharing our experience with people who feel the same are incredible tools to support us on the path toward inner healing.

Become a Yoga Girl® certified teacher! Learn more.

Find the directory of Yoga Girl® Certified Teachers here and our Community Advocates here.

Share Your Voice

We work together with like-minded people whose hearts beat alongside our own. Our writers touch on important topics like yoga, activism, equality, parenthood, inner healing, service, astrology, meditation, ritual, family and much more. In our community what we say matters and your voice is worth sharing.

If you are a writer and feel aligned with Yoga Girl® and would like to publish your articles to our platform, we want to hear from you! Please contact our team here to express your interest.

Note: We require fluff-free articles. This is not a “5 steps to weight loss” website! Tell us about your real life. Write from the heart. Don't be afraid to go deep. We’re listening.