At Yoga Girl®, we believe in inclusivity, access to healing tools for all, and building a world where every person can achieve what they choose to pursue without exclusion due to systemic privilege. In our community, this work and responsibility lies with us. Through the amplifying and uplifting of underprivileged and underserved voices in our Yoga Girl® Weekly newsletter, we aim to consistently and adaptively work to fill in the gaps that exist in our society.

The Yoga Girl® Weekly Newsletter Community Spotlight

Do you know someone from the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities or someone from any other underserved community (LGBTQ+, refugees, victims from social injustice or abuse, discrimination) that inspires you in some way and you'd like them to be recognized? Or someone with a small business that you'd like more people to know about? Or maybe someone making an impact that needs their voice heard and supported by a larger community?

In our society, amazing and inspiring people from the BIPOC and underserved communities often go unnoticed and unheard of despite their incredible stories and work. Unspoken patriarchal doctrines also try to convince us that rather than supporting one another, we need to compete...well, we'd like to change that! As part of our initiative in amplifying and uplifting the voices and experiences of these communities, every month in our Yoga Girl Weekly newsletter we will be selecting someone nominated by YOU to feature.

Each person selected to be featured will be introduced to our loving Yoga Girl® community and will have an opportunity to take up space on our platform by sharing their story, businesses, projects, and/or charitable organizations they'd wish for donations to so our community can come together with collective love and support.

Each person featured will also receive our HOME: A Self-Guided Journey course PLUS a 12-month membership scholarship - completely FREE - to practice on our platform and take time to rest, heal, and care for their body, mind, heart, and spirit.

We will review each nomination and will reach out to you and your nominee (for permission, photo, and any further questions) upon approved selection. Once we've gained permission from your nominee to be featured and have received their photo of choice, plus any additional information requested, they will receive their free gifts and be featured in one of our upcoming monthly newsletters, however due to the number of nominations we receive, we are unable to guarantee that your nominee will be featured, or the date on which they will be featured if selected.

If you know someone in the BIPOC or underserved communities that you'd like to nominate to be featured, we invite you to submit a nomination form by clicking "Nominate someone" below. If you have any questions or wish to speak to our team directly, we can be reached at

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The Yoga Girl® Scholarship

We know it takes all of us to make an impact through yoga and not all of us have equal access. To combat interlocking systems of colonization and oppression at this time, we are offering a variety of scholarships for our different online programs, partner programs, and memberships to our Yoga Girl® platform.

As a small, women-owned business, it is our intention to bring dignity, love, and humanity into your experience on our platform and beyond. In keeping with our values of our commitment to equity and justice we are committed to building and growing our scholarship fund. We acknowledge that this is a partial step in the movement towards creating equity and not a complete solution.

Learn more about our Yoga Girl® Scholarship and apply here.