Move A Little Because It All Adds Up

Let’s face it: not everyone has the time or energy to devote to hours at the gym or yoga studio. But that’s no reason not to try! All or nothing is not everything. Doing a little something, working a little harder, being a little healthier, is better than nothing at all.

Research shows that exercising in small bursts can have as great an impact on health as a full blown, hour and a half training session. Even just ten minutes of exercise can have a huge impact on outcomes like cardiovascular health and weight control.

__Here are some ideas to put movement in to your daily routine. __

The obvious, cheapest, and easiest thing to do is to walk more: take stairs, park farther, skip the cab. Some fun add ons are to engage your low, deep, transverse abdominal muscles while you are walking. Draw your belly in toward the waist band of your pants. Don’t hold your breath or suck in your belly; rather recruit your core to create a more dynamic movement. Or walk backwards to get all of your neurons firing!

Turning on those glutes is another way to get more bang for your buck while walking, but it is extra helpful when climbing stairs. Strengthening the muscles that support the hips and the low back may help you burn a few extra calories, and it will also ease the impact on the knees.

Why not do ten jumping jacks waiting for the coffee to heat up on the microwave? Squeeze your SIT (ischial tuberosity) bones to engage the hamstrings during a long car trip? Roll the shoulders back at your desk? March your legs up and down while waiting in line at the grocery store? Practice glute pulses while standing at your desk?

Finding opportunities to move and free your body will put a zing in your day and make you feel great! You don't need to wait for the perfect moment. That moment is now!

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