Are You Attached to Pain? Here's the Secret to Move from Pain to Pleasure

We get attached to talking about our pain. We don't think we're holding onto it, but pushing away is just another way of hanging on. Here's how to finally let it go.

Pain is a verb, a noun and a big part of our language on a daily basis. During or after a time when we experience pain, we can program ourselves to anticipate or even fear any more pain. We may go as far as changing our lives in small but significant ways to avoid the sensation of pain.

But pain is more than a feeling; it is a communication from your body that is telling you something important.

It isn't something to avoid, and it isn't something to lean on for identity. But it is something to listen to.

If you were to LISTEN to your pain, you could respond to your body’s email with care and attention (instead of putting it in the metaphorical email trash). When you ignore the sensation of pain, you are ignoring the message from a system in your body. That's when you can get into trouble and develop habits that don’t ultimately serve you, like avoiding an opportunity to heal.

So, how to get rid of pain in a healthy way? The answer is so simple that it's overlooked.

The answer is exercise.

Exercise relieves pain.

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Through yoga, functional movement practices, strength training, and other forms of exercise, you will feel better. Every system in your body responds positively to exercise.

Think of the last time you moved. Was it intentional movement with the purpose of shifting energy in the body and mobilizing your joints? Are you frequently engaging in activities that take you through a variety of natural movements like squatting, lunging, climbing or lifting?

Or are you holding down the couch, more connected to your phone than your muscles and bones?

Movement should not be a chore, and you definitely should not avoid it out of fear that a movement will elicit pain.

If you have experienced pain in certain areas of your body, try this: begin with smaller movements and work on simply standing taller (better posture is important to alleviating pain). Take it in baby steps, as long as you start stepping.

You don’t need to wait to move in a certain environment, like a yoga studio or gym; just go climb the nearest stairs, roll your shoulders, dance, jump, stretch your limbs!

A wise sage named Plato said, "The lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it."

Lastly, take note of your mindset. What you anticipate will be what happens. If you focus on the fear of pain, pain will find you. If you focus on feeling GOOD in your body, then good you will feel!

So, get moving! And anticipate that you will feel PLEASURE, not the other P-word.

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But first! Tell me in the comments have you moved today?

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