What Makes You Enough is Not What You Think

Are you enough once your abs are toned and you can balance on your hands? HELL. NO. What makes you enough is not defined by tricks your body can do. Your strength runs much, MUCH deeper.


True strength has very little to do with your physical performance. Whether or not your muscles are defined, how long you can hold a yoga pose, or your ability to kick up into handstand means very little in this vast concept of life.

True strength has very little to do with plank poses and deadlifts and everything to do with your ability to move through hardships, sorrow and pain.

You think doing Crossfit five times a week makes you strong? Practicing yoga every day? Lifting weights?

Try getting up every hour of the night to feed a newborn baby; dragging yourself out of bed while in an unbearable fog of depression; watching a loved one suffering from cancer slowly slip away.

Try coming home from war to a life you no longer recognize; living with a disability; getting laid off knowing there is nobody else that can feed your family.

Try finding out that your best friend just died in a car crash.

You, the beautiful soul reading this and telling yourself you’re not strong enough because you don’t have a rock hard stomach… You are enough. You are so enough. Life has made you strong in so many more ways than one.

Think about it… You’ve had to endure life moments that hurt like hell. But here you are, still standing. You are STRONG.

You don’t have to gain a mantle full of awards, get that raise, have that outfit, lose that weight or receive love from that one person to be enough. You don’t have to be thinner, have more friends or better skin. You are enough right now!

The idea that we always have to change and fix and improve every external part of ourselves isn’t real. It feels real if you bring energy to it by obsessing over your “flaws”, constantly trying to change.

The truth is this: you are lovable EXACTLY the way you are in this moment. Right here, right now. You are lovely just the way you are.


Use your gym time to nourish your body, but don’t let it be the reason for your worth. Let the only gauge for improving yourself be, “Am I the best version of myself?” Not anyone else’s version of you or their version of themselves. You do you! It’s staying true to ourselves and loving ourselves enough to keep moving forward and up that matters. Everything else is temporary opinion.

But on those days when your soul needs rest, know that you are no less of anything.

If all you did today was take a shower, you are still enough. If all you did today was breathe, you are still enough.

You are enough because you are. Full stop. Your existence in itself proves that you are magically, beautifully, incredibly importantly enough.

When the going gets tough, nothing makes sense and you start doubting who you are and if you matter, remember this:

You are, and always will be, enough.

__Claim it NOW! Write in the comments below how enough you are. Sprinkle in what you love about yourself while you’re at it! __



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