Self-Love and Humility—Can You Have Both? This Truth Changes Everything.

Why is it frowned upon to praise ourselves? Why does being humble mean putting yourself down every time anyone lifts you up? Stop hiding your self-love.

You are beautiful.

Have you forgotten? Let me repeat: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

The day I realized I’m actually beautiful is the day life became so much easier.

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It isn’t that I looked in the mirror and smiled back at myself for the very first time in my life. The difference is I decided I wasn’t going to hide the love that I have for myself anymore.

Every time someone calls you beautiful, or handsome, or pretty or whatever else describes you as something extraordinary, do you immediately deny it? Have you noticed how we are all told to deny compliments?

Be humble. Don’t be egotistical. If you agree you’re a gorgeous, shimmering gem, you’re a narcissist.

Have you noticed every time you deny a compliment, you believe more firmly in your denial and less in the idea that maybe you are actually magnificent?

Children don’t do this. Compliment a child on their cool pants and they say, “Thanks!” and maybe do a little “I love these awesome pants” dance. They don’t say, “*Oh no, these pants are actually the worst. Your pants are the cool ones! Don’t look at me, let’s focus on you!*”

Is that child a stuck-up, ego-hungry narcissist because they didn’t push away your compliment? HELL NO!

That child hasn’t been tainted by the societal demand to reject themself in the name of humility.

If you were to fixate on your beauty to the point of calling everyone else hideous and unworthy, then we have a problem. But what’s the real reason why we’re raised to put ourselves down?

It’s comparison.

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” - Zen Shin

You are you. Unique down to your DNA. And more importantly, you contain the entire universe! What’s not beautiful about that??

You can admire someone without questioning yourself. You can allow someone to admire you without being a snob.

Most importantly, telling yourself you are not beautiful is separating yourself from source. It diminishes everything. Only when you see the beauty of your own soul and how it shines can you live in resonance with your purpose.

Loving yourself is fucking EVERYTHING.

And it’s not easy, I’ll tell you that. But it gets easier when you remove the need to compare and start to let yourself and everyone else shine.

Every time you tell yourself you’re anything but gorgeous, it rips away a tiny piece of your heart! So make it your mission to wake up every morning and love the hell out of every inch of your body. Your heart. Your being. Your soul.

Recognize your patterns and how you judge yourself so you can change them. You need to love yourself. We need to love ourselves. Self changes everything.

Admit it. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Tell me what you love about yourself in the comments below.



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