A Reminder to Those Who Feel "Too Much"

I feel so very blessed to feel. It’s a profound and holy gift, the experience of feeling. Have you been told feeling is a bad thing, that you can feel “too much?” I have. And I couldn’t disagree more.

You could say you’re an empath or a Pisces or a Cancer or a woman or a healer… Whatever way you dice it, you’re a human, and humans are meant to feel.

Feeling is one of life’s greatest blessings.

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It is a blessing to be alive and have a heart that feels and loves and breaks and mends. Look at all your heart has felt every day of your life, and still it keeps beating! It’s so strong, the heart.

The heart is also incredibly fragile. This isn’t a bad thing, being fragile. It just means it needs to be well cared for; it can’t be tossed around or left out in the cold.

But don’t compare your heart to a glass vase—your heart is fragile, but that doesn’t mean you need to lock it away, only to gaze at and never to use.

It’s the heart’s fragility that makes it so magical.

Because only a fragile heart can know great love.

A big, beautiful, glowing, fragile heart that breaks and mends and breaks and mends is what gives life color. And maybe, if we are lucky enough in this lifetime, the heart gets to experience a love so profound that the mere possibility of loss means it might burst into a million little particles of dust so small and vast there is no way we could ever gather the pieces back into our chests and become whole again.

This kind of heartbreak does not mean your heart has felt too much. It means it felt the exact proportion to the importance of the experience that led to it. It's our natural transition from one chapter to the next.

Even though pain is possible and feelings can overtake us, the heart will always yearn to plunge head first into every new daring adventure at the first flutter of hope. This is what the heart does—it sees the risk, knows we might fail or it might break, but chooses to love anyway.

Loving is risking a loss; there’s no way around it. Being alive means you are risking loss because everything is temporary. But this is the most important thing to remember: without the risk of loss, there wouldn’t be true love.

We’re all taking that risk as we choose to fearlessly love, and live, and die, and break, and mend, and start all over again and again.

That’s the magic of the journey, the piece that makes this world so special and worth experiencing: feeling everything.

So what a blessing it is to feel, to risk, to love.

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Can you look at the feelings throbbing in your heart or tingling along your skin as blessings felt in the perfect amount? Can you find the magic in each throb of your heart—painful or blissful—and say thank you?

Take a moment to put your hands on your heart, close your eyes, make your breath slower and deeper, and just feel. Feel it all without shutting it down early or blocking it from its full expression. Let it be.

After a few deep breaths, or maybe as much as 20 minutes, see if you can thank your heart for its amazing ability to guide you, through your feelings, to everywhere you are meant to be. See if you can trust in your heart and turn to listen to its wisdom instead of push it away because someone else said it’s “too much.”

Your heart, and all the feelings it creates, have so much to teach you.

What’s your relationship with your feelings, with your heart? Share with me below!



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