To Those Who Are Hiding Their Fire, Here’s a Matchstick

There is a fire in your soul - a spark ready to ignite its force through your spirit and out into the world.

Can you feel it?

Place your hands on your low belly. Let it expand as you breathe in. Let it make you sit a little taller. Let it lift your heart.

Can you feel it?

It might be deep, maybe even buried under a lifetime of surrender to forces you were told had more right to burn than yours did. You may have forgotten it was even there or told you never had it in the first place.

But your soul is birthed through fire. And your magically unique flame, it never stops burning.

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They may douse it with ignorance, intolerance, deceit or shame.

But, you see, that’s only fueled it.

Your fire purifies pain with love and hate with empathy. The more love that’s needed, the bigger your flame.

This fire in your soul burns, first and foremost, for you. It tells you where to go. You can sense it intensifying when you’re on the right track; it tells you to not hold back. Speak up. Keep going.

It burns for you so that you can make your way through this world to find adventure and laughter and to remember what it means to be alive.

Don’t let your fire diminish.

Stoke it by breathing deeply.

By doing things that scare you.

By traveling the world.

By falling in love, even when it doesn’t make sense.

By speaking up when something isn’t right, even if it makes others uncomfortable.

By celebrating your body - every inch of it!

By cleansing what no longer serves you.

By clearing space for what does.

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The world needs the unique flame from your beautiful soul! Watch it burn by being unapologetically you, every single moment of every damn day.

There is a fire in your soul. Here's your matchstick. Now let it burn.

Tell me how you’re going to stoke your fire right now in the comments below!



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