Spring Cleaning for Mind, Body and Soul

Spring is a powerful time of renewal and rebirth. While most people use spring to do a little extra dusting around the house, challenge yourself to do a full Spring makeover on your heart, your home, your head and your body.

Check in with yourself and see where you can clear away negative energy to encourage renewal in your daily life. Use the five tips below to clean out the areas of your life that are standing between you and your most vibrant health and happiness.

De-clutter Your Home

Take some time to de-clutter your home and living space. Physical clutter can easily manifest into mental and emotional clutter. How you keep your space can largely affect your mood, productivity, and energy. Start with your closet. If you know you haven’t worn something in over 6 months, donate it or give it away to someone who will give it the love and care that it needs. Your desk is also a good place to de-clutter as well. Are there documents that need to be recycled? Books that can be donated? Clear away any items you no longer use and clean any nooks and crannies that you normally overlook. Next tackle your bathroom cabinet, kitchen cabinets and any junk drawers (or junk closets!). Tip: use plant-based formulas to clean and clear your space to remain environmentally conscious and free of toxic chemicals.

Cut Out Toxic Relationships

Let go of relationships that no longer serve you. Take some time to notice where each of your relationships stand. Ask yourself if the relationship nurtures or depletes you. If certain people drain you or create toxic energy, lovingly release them. Letting go creates the space for new relationships and energy to flow in. Invite in relationships with people who inspire and uplift you. Create a tribe of people who believe in you, see your worth, and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

Cleanse Your Body

How you feel has a direct correlation to what you put into your body. Cleanse your body and help boost your physical and mental wellbeing by bringing awareness to what you eat. Start off your morning with lemon water to aid with digestion throughout the day. If you’ve been struggling with low energy, bloating, fatigue or mood swings, challenge yourself to a 30-Day Elimination Diet to give your gut a break from common food allergies and sensitivities. Eliminate dairy, gluten, processed sugar, and red meat, all of which can result in inflammation leading to symptoms like headaches, brain fog, depression, anxiety, mood swings, and achy joints, as well as skin and digestive issues.

Meditate Daily

Meditation can literally rewire your brain and help reduce anxiety and depression, improve the way you relate to yourself and others, and create a greater sense of contentment and equanimity. Cultivating a meditation and mindfulness practice will allow you to tap into what is most meaningful and transform everyday tasks into mindful moments. Set aside 10-20 minutes every day to sit still and be with your breath. Use meditation as a tool to clear mental clutter, focus on finding appreciation for the present moment, and to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

Practice Breathing

Working on breathing is a great way to clear out stagnant energy while oxygenating every cell in your body. To welcome in the energy of Spring, practice Breath of Fire, or Kapalabhati Pranayama. In this technique, one breathes forcefully out through the nose without pause (the inhale happens naturally) at a rate of two or even three times per second, with every inhale and exhale at equal lengths. The abdomen visibly pumps in and out with each breath. Practice Breath of Fire for about one to three minutes each day to rejuvenate the lungs and air passages in the chest. Breath of Fire is also touted for its ability to replace toxic air with fresh air, cleanse the blood of impurities, increase blood circulation, and improve digestion. It can also help you release anything old that no longer serves you and invite in new creative energy and inspiration.

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