How to be Amazed by Life, Even When You Can’t Feel The Light

LIFE—it amazes me. Every day, with its highs and lows, ups and downs… Life is amazing. I’ve experienced tragedy, loss, pain and suffering, but as I look at the sunrise bringing a new day, my heart flutters in complete awe of life.

Can you feel it? Or is your mind somewhere else? As you read this, wherever you are, take a moment to stop. Close your eyes. Breathe.


Feel the beating of your heart; the sounds of your surroundings; the earth beneath your feet. Connect to this very moment.

Open your eyes. Keep that connection. Look around and turn the corners of your mouth up. Miracles surround you.

Connecting to the present moment is the simplest way to recognize the beauty of being.

In our busy lives, connecting to the present moment is also the easiest thing to forget. So, remember it now. And give thanks, silently or with a yell from a mountaintop, to everything that is. Because what you focus on, you manifest. Give thanks now, and you’ll receive so much to be thankful for.

Not sure where to start? Think about this:

You are alive!

That alone is a miracle. Think of all the events that had to transpire for you to be alive right now; all the pieces perfectly orchestrated for the creation of you, exactly as you are, with the wisdom and gifts that are changing this world for the better.

Those same orchestras that created the amazing you, they’re creating magical life all around you, all the time. Pause and notice this magic more often, and your life will shift into gratitude and trust with ease.

Through noticing the magic in life, through saying “thank you”, you touch the light—the place of enlightenment and bliss.


Find your glimpses of enlightenment every single day, and cherish them. These are the glimpses that brushed my cheek through this morning’s warm, salty breeze:

  1. Whatever you are holding onto, if it’s holding you back, let it go. If it’s no longer serving you, let it go. If it doesn’t make you happy, LET IT GO.

  2. Life is meant to be lived light, with light, from light, through light. Don’t let your past weigh you down.

  3. There is no limit to what you can manifest in your life when you let go of fear. Don’t let fear guide you.

On days when the light feels universes away, know this: wherever you are, whatever your life situation is right now, there is one fundamental fact that will never escape you: YOU ARE HERE. Right now. There is power simply in the existence of you, here, now—it’s called purpose.

If you want to know love, follow the light. If you want to know the light, choose love. They always lead to each other, flowing in the highest vibration.

This week, I have a challenge for you: see only love. move where love wants you to move. Let love lead the way.

Let’s inspire our community! Tell me a story below of a time when you let love lead you. What did you find? What did you learn?



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