Happy Summer, Happy Heart

I love the summer. Mostly because l absolutely love eating fresh seasonal organic fruit. Fruit in California this time of the year is super delicious and prevalent. I like it also because I can eat lighter and still have loads of energy.

In Ayurveda we live according to the seasons and summer is known as the Pitta Season. Pitta is governed by the elements fire and water and so in the summer, we are more prone to overheating, overstimulating and irritability. Cool down in the summer season by having lighter, raw foods. Salads, fruits, cooling drinks, plenty of water for hydration. Add cooling spices and herbs to your diet like dill, turmeric, roses, cumin and fennel.

Let’s talk about your metabolism a little. Eating lighter raw foods stimulated by the warmer climates promotes easier digestion and assimilation of nutrients and enzymes. Listen to your body and hydrate accordingly. Sweet natural fruits will brighten you and give you pleasure. Eat your peaches slowly. Then go for a run. Burn the candle from both ends and let the warmth and heat of the sun help you bloom in your cells, systems and in your mind.

It’s Summer – the season of celebration and festivities. Get out more. Even if you are busy and in the middle of a crisis – get out into nature. Have a look at the blooming rose or the rising sunflower. Look up at the blue sky even if there are clouds, look beyond them and see the endless blue skies and breathe. Know you are in union with all there is and that the obstacles are only for a while. Everything passes. Let the summer help you flourish and emerge endlessly into your inherent power and awareness.

Solitude is the capacity we have for refrainment of unity. Let your solitude melt away so that even in your aloneness you are with the whole entire existence. Summertime is a great season to practice moving out of solitude and into the collective.

Breathe naturally, let your meditations be playful and light. Let your heart become light and recognize your own blooming. Smiling will help the meridians of your face to ignite endorphins and serotonin. A wonderful smiling meditation is one where you sit outside somewhere quiet and close your eyes, a slight smile at the corner of your mouth and breathe easy. Five minutes of this and your whole being will become transformed. Try it. I call it the quick Summer Smile Meditation.

Happy Summer - Happy Heart.

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