How to Have a Good Life: Be Free, Be Present, and Fall on Your Ass

Life is all about finding balance. Find balance, and you find peace. And who doesn’t want peace?

But don’t forget… You can allow yourself to fall over once in a while. You will be okay if you do. Because wisdom happens every time you fall.

Falling is how we learn the importance of keeping our feet on the ground. It shows us the freedom of letting go, and it teaches us that the real lesson lies in smiling as you pick yourself back up.

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Let yourself fall, and don’t waste your time worrying about your next step. You might fall on your ass, you might not. What will be will be.

Focus on being here, now.

Life is unfolding in front of you at this very moment in a way that it never has before and never will again. Stay present and make sure you enjoy every second of this magic.

Be free.

In presence, in the here and now, you are free. Let your main intention be to find freedom in everything you do. To be free, you must be light. So let go of the things that are weighing you down. You can choose what you carry. If it’s too damn heavy, let it go. Let go of the things that are no longer serving you. Let go of expectation. Let go of judgement. Let go of your past. Let it all go.

Don’t hold back.

Life is happening and it wants you to join in! Let your spirit soar, wherever and however it thirsts for flight. Instead of feeling dissatisfied with what is, surrender to it. Make changes where you can, and make peace with the rest. Then you will find the freedom of living the life you were truly meant to live.

My wish for you is threefold:

  1. Be light.
  2. Be present.
  3. Soar high!

This will make a good life.

How do you know when your life is good? To me, a good life is when you

  • assume nothing,
  • do more,
  • need less,
  • smile often,
  • dream big,
  • laugh a lot,
  • and realize how blessed you really are.

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Have you counted your blessings lately? Today is a good day to make a list. Well, two lists.

First, write down every single gift of joy and love this day has brought you, big or small. You can always find at least 3 things. Aim for 10.

Second, write down all the things that are keeping you from living a good life, all the weight you don’t have to carry. Burn this second list.

Then turn on your favorite song and have a mini dance party in your living room, kitchen, car or wherever you are right now. Feel the solid earth as you jump and stomp, feel the air of new beginnings as you twirl, and shake it out in joy of this good, beautiful life!

What does a good life mean to you? What lessons have you learned from falling over? Share in the comments below!

X, Rachel

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