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Why You Should Lean Into the Struggle If You Want to Grow

Every moment is your teacher, here to guide you along your path of growth — but only if you lean in. How do you react to the moments that hurt? What if you dug your heels into the struggle, opened your heart and looked deeper?

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 4:40 pm

Drink This Matcha Green Tea Latte for Morning Mindfulness

Some days a hot cup of coffee is LIFE. But it isn’t the healthiest daily ritual for the nervous system! When I want a break from coffee but still need an energy boost, I turn to matcha. Plus, making a latte with this green tea is a beautiful, sacred ceremony of the heart.

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 4:22 pm

I Can't Believe It's Ending

I listened to your last words today. So there is this voice message you sent me right before you died. It’s been in my phone for over 6 years, but I could never make myself press play.

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 9:03 pm