I am a Yoga Girl - Miles French

I am a yoga girl because the values yoga has awakened within me are not the values that are welcomed or shared in modern western society, but they are the values we need the most.

Yoga is a sorely needed answer to a culture riddled with ego and disharmony, one that is easy to lose oneself in; a culture which promotes division, inequality, despair, and destruction of the natural world, benefiting the few at the expense of the many.

It’s not hard to see where there is pain and imbalance in this world, but it is hard to see where pain and imbalance exist within me, and how I am barred from exercising my true potential as a catalyst for change when I am in the dark to my own trauma.

True change starts within oneself and not out in the world.

Before I can go forth and create a better paradigm for humankind, I must first find what I am seeking to sow in the world within my own being. Yoga has provided me with a platform for liberation and transformation, and is ultimately the backbone of my journey to heal not just my life, but the lives of all beings around me.

Yoga is a path, a toolkit, a philosophy, and a practice which facilitates and promotes a deepening of awareness and a liberation of Spirit.

The simple act of looking inward is a radical one in a society which promotes un-awareness, passivity, and complacency. When coupled with compassion and openness, we can find our way back into a deeper sense of wholeness, which almost always leads us to a deeper sense of connection.

For me, yoga gives me the footing to release pain, to solidify my strength, and to grow in awareness. It's a practice that can be as simple as breathing or as expansive as global transformation, and it always takes me deeper.

Yoga teaches me to lean into what is painful and uncomfortable to find the healing and medicine there, and then to bring this new light back into the world to share. It is not about appropriation, about looking a certain way, or about what I, alone, have to gain; __yoga is about finding the strength and divinity within all things and celebrating this as a part of a community. __

#Iamayogagirl because yoga is my greatest teacher and is helping me change the world. May we all find our light and share it boldly! Blessings to all beings.

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