I Am A Yoga Girl - Helena Källström

Some may say that I am too old to be calling myself a yoga girl. But yoga is not about age; it’s not about achieving or being able to do handstands or other for me impossible positions. And to be a girl is a definition of the heart. In my heart I am always a girl no matter what age.

The one who always strive to be pure, open, curious and innocent at heart. The one who sees possibilities, who wants to learn and definitely the one who believes.

I could tell you a lot of stories from my life, about struggles, about fear, about overcoming pain but I don’t want to. Because being a yoga girl means to look forward, to use the wisdom that comes from memories in my mind, body, soul, heart and move ahead. To use yoga as a release to shift from bad to good. To find the stillness of my mind after years of chatter. To find the lightness of my body despite the pain. To find love and let go of fear. It is possible, I am the living proof. In Sweden we have medical yoga, small, easy movement that works miracle with your body. To be honest I thought they where ridicules at first. I felt like I was hardly moving that the movements were too slow, but then… Then it was like I stepped into a bubble, a bubble of non existence, a zone where everything just shifted focus. The outside of me faded away, and it got to be an inner experience and the movements where secondary.

Yoga for me is a way of finding peace, a mission to be love for they are the same, a state of mind. To work with what I have, with who I am. Love is no comparison, a judgemental free zone, free from jealousy, and love doesn’t in any way hurt. Love does not possess, it is pure and honest. Love is free floating feelings, whatever happens I am safe relying on myself, my power within. I need help from other people; they help me to get fearless trough the reflection I get in every encounter. All I need to do is to start paying attention to my own reactions and actions. Who do I want to be? How do I want to feel? How can I change? The responsibility is always mine.

To be a yoga girl is to embrace every colour of life. It is to live life to the fullest and challenge our fears we have the power in our hearts. Share what you have learned and you will be the roll model of this world. And remember to always choose a little more love; it is the true essence of being a yoga girl.

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