I Am A Yoga Girl - Christine Gutierrez

I am the moon and the stars. I am the earth and the roaring of the moist earth as a seed is planted. I dance with both the darkened and the light. The wounds of my abuse are the doors to my medicine. The pain in heart is the window to compassion. I am a seeker of truth. A seeker of healing. A student of understanding the medicine of all emotions. And this is why I am a yoga girl.

My name is Christine Gutierrez and I am a Latina licensed therapist and healer. I call myself a shadow worker because it is my deepest passion to hold space for people to journey to their shadow, to their pain, to their wound, to their traumas to access the root of their hurt and untangle the webs of that pain.

Since I was . a little girl, I would walk the streets with my mom and beg her to let me speak to the homeless man on the corner of Myrtle avenue. My mom let me and I asked him -“what happened to your mommy?” “Are you okay? You sad? “ I handed him a banana. My mom told me it’s good to carry fruit to give homeless people just in case so if they have an alcohol problem they won’t use the money for something unhealthy. I felt a deep connection to the suffering of the world and I wanted to help.

That desire to help has never stopped and it is why I devote my life to serving that fire in my heart and soul to serve and be the hands and feet of the divine to my best ability one day at a time.

As a therapist and healer - I look for soul medicine. I found tools in yoga that I now integrate into my practice to help deepen my clients journey. Yoga for me is not about Asana - it’s about connecting to God. It is about breathing and breath taking s life. It is about a passionate intimacy connection to self and thus with the divine and thus with others.

I am blessed to have had this spiritual practice come into my life. I am grateful to my teacher psalm Isadora and her teacher guru ji and the wisdom of the ancestors.

I am blessed to be here sharing space on this platform with you all. I bow to the light and the darkness within you.

What does yoga mean to you?

Big love Christine Gutierrez

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