I Am A Yoga Girl - Anjaan

I was born into a family of Vedic scholars and was surrounded by the world of Yoga, Tantra and meditation from a very young age.

Having been brought up around Palmistry, Astrology, Mantras, Ayurveda, these are ingrained into the core of my being. I don’t see Yoga as something I practice, I simply see it as a way of living, a way of being.

After a while the Asanas (postures) become less important and the core principles of yoga reveal themselves to you. The yogic essence seeps into a way of living and you operate like a ‘Yogi’ in whatever you do. Yoga no longer remains as something to practice, but instead becomes who you are. A quote that has always deeply resonated with me is “Stop doing yoga, and let yoga do you.”

To me the true meaning of Yoga is to be “worthy”. This worthiness comes from a place of deep self-awareness and introspection. “Yogya” in Sanskrit means worthiness and “Yoga” is simply the science and art of achieving a high level of self-worth through the natural connection with the universe and self-consciousness.

Asana’s (Postures) allow the body to be in the optimum condition to achieve this worthiness. Dhyana (focussed Meditation) and Pranayama (life force breathing) allow the mind to be calm and steadfast. Without physical vigour and mental firmness, one can't really experience true joy or be effective in thinking. Joy and clear thinking contribute to self-worth! This mastery of your own thoughts and body allows you to truly discover Ananda (perpetual Bliss).

As humans we also love getting swayed by the dreamy notion of being “self-made” and achieving success with no help from anybody. It’s an attractive idea, but to me it’s a myth. None of us can make it alone! The core of being a human is connection. I believe we are all more connected than we will truly ever understand or comprehend intellectually.

At our yoga studio “Kintsugi Dubai” in Business Bay we constantly explore connection and building a community. By being part of a community, we give ourselves the chance to learn from everyone else, receiving the wisdom of a multitude of members, practicing inclusion and helping others out too. Our fundamentals at the studio are co-creation and this comes from a deep desire to share, grow and prosper.

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