You Are Not What Happened to You

You are not what happened to you.

You are more than the pain that was inflicted upon you.

You are more than the trauma you’ve experienced. More than the struggles you’ve faced. More than the abuse, the separation, the abandonment. You are so much more.


Healing from trauma begins when we begin to acknowledge the side of us that is longing to heal.

By focusing on the part of you that’s resilient, that keeps going, that longs for safety and peace and a sense of belonging, you take the first steps toward widening the scope of how you see the world.

You are not what happened to you.

You are how you choose to respond.

There is something inside of you that wants a way out. Something that wants something different.


How can you bring more attention to the part of you that wants to heal? That wants to have a good life? The inner best friend that wants to care for you on your deepest soul level?

We all have trauma that needs to be healed, it’s part of being human. It is what helps us bond as humans. We have created an entire Yoga Girl Community bonded in the healing of trauma.

Once we get to the turning point where we realize what we want to heal, it can be terrifying, or overwhelming.

But if you learn to ride the wave of emotion, recognize that little voice that wants to heal, you've already taken the first steps.

So many people find their way to yoga, moving, breathing, strengthening, and empowering themselves. But sometimes yoga isn’t enough. Sometimes we need more. Sometimes we need our breath, our journals, connection with nature, connection with community, therapy in its many forms.


As life has its peaks and valleys, we can think of our wellbeing in the same way.

We can be so successful, so happy, and then BAM, life throws a curveball and we reach a new low. It’s part of being human, as a part of the human experience, life brings us ups and downs.

It is how you react, how you show compassion to yourself and the world, that makes the difference.

How can you move in flow with the ups and downs, noticing that you are riding the wave of life rather than drowning in it? How can you make peace and come to terms with the situations in your life? Can you begin to apply the concept that everything is happening for you, not to you?

You can say yes to your feelings.

You can say yes to your pain. There is no need to be afraid of negative feelings. Better yet, can you lean in and handle the negative feelings? How can you ventilate your emotions, transmute them into a healthier version of the emotion?

It doesn’t have to involve anyone else in your life. When you are triggered, it’s your responsibility to heal. It’s your responsibility to transmute these low vibrational feelings into higher frequencies, your responsibility to metabolize your emotions.

You can use your tools. Journal, meditate, move your body, talk to a friend, talk to a therapist!


Whatever you have to do to move those heavy emotions, do it.

Otherwise they will manifest as dis-ease in other areas of your life, quite possibly even your physical body!

If you have access, I highly recommend therapy. It has changed my life so much! I still call a friend and do sharing exercises, but for the big emotions, the heavy emotions, the deepest traumas wounds, I have found that speaking to a therapist is so, so healing.

Once you go from a place of living in trauma to recognizing the desire to heal, there's your first step.

Focus on that voice, your inner best friend, calling you towards the light.

Towards your highest potential.

That is where the magic begins to happen. That is when things are going to change.

Always, always know, that I am here for you. We are here for you. That is why we created our interactive community board here on the site as a safe place away from social media to share. So share with us, connect with us, we love you.

For more information on trauma and healing, listen to the From the Heart podcast episode I recorded with my dear friend and trauma therapist, psychologist and Path of Love leader Shubhaa Kassima Fisher.



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