These are the Truths That Set Me Free

The first time I went on a Path of Love retreat, my eyes felt like they opened for the very first time. The truths I learned set me free from a cage I never even knew I had locked myself into.

It was like someone picked me up, turned me upside down, shook me until everything I had been carrying my whole life fell to the floor, then set me back down and held me in the most divine hug I’ve ever felt. Then we looked at all those shards of trauma and fear piled on the floor. And one by one, I blessed them all. And I let them go.

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I left the retreat center, my body buzzing - vibrating, pulsating - with the earth. It took me months to process this inner work, but I knew this one, life-changing truth right away and down to my very core:

Everything I've been through has led me here so I could step into the Path of Love without holding back. And all the heavy weight of my past... I could see the divine order of every single experience.


I've said that phrase before, and I thought I understood it, but I didn't truly know it yet. There were too many layers of pain, abandonment, fear and ideas of complete unworthiness covering the place within me where I know that I am meant to be here. Right here! Everywhere I am, I am meant to be.

The order of this new awakening went something like this:

  1. I trust (signing up for Path of Love).
  2. I surrender (arriving at Path of Love).
  3. I am safe (experiencing Path of Love).
  4. I SHINE (leaving Path of Love).

I trust. I surrender. I am safe. I SHINE. These truths set me free.

I smile writing these words because even with this phone in my hand and the noises all around me, I can feel my being and the silence it holds. And I wonder, where have I been all this time?!

I spent ten minutes at the center of Schiphol Airport after the retreat ended, simply standing there, in the middle of total frenzy, rooted solid to the ground. I've never felt that way in an airport or any busy place. I was unshakable. And I stood there, thinking, "What is this life? Where is everybody going?"

I use social media to share my journey. But after that week of profound healing, I gained an understanding that every word of wisdom, every nudge toward love that I'd been putting out to the world over the years… It’s all been directed toward myself. I'd been telling the world all the things I'd been missing. Everything I longed for.

__And in one week of doing the work in total surrender and support, I found it. All of it and so, so much more! __

It turned out that I had been functioning at 1% of my actual capacity for years. I'd been half asleep. In pain. Trying so very hard, but not quite getting there. But I also stood back and saw all that I created! I was in awe of what the old version of me was able to do carrying such a heavy burden.

Now that I can bring the other 99%, the change I will bring to the world feels almost unimaginable.

Since my first Path of Love experience and the creation of Island Yoga, I get to see hundreds of souls in the Luna Shala shedding their lifelong burdens and stepping into their wildly beautiful light every year.

I see it in the community this platform fosters.

And I see my daughter, my little moon and bringer of light, shining with the purest light I have ever seen. Reminding me of the freedom that is possible. For all.

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Going on retreat or not, you have the chance to change your own life, too. Every day you wake up, you have that chance. Look at all you’ve built in your life so far. Can you imagine all you could create if you were 100% awake and alive?!

The first step is deciding that you are worthy.

The next step is believing in love, committing to meet it halfway and see it in all its forms - even the ones that look more like a raincloud than a rainbow.

The secret is to walk on a path of love.

I’ll leave you with one more truth that your soul needs to remember:

The barriers are on our own side, constructed by our own hands. Everything you need you already have, it's just a matter of taking down the walls you've built around your heart and learning to receive. Remembering how to let go. Remembering how to come home. Opening your eyes and seeing that there is so much love all around!


So, you're coming on this path with me. It's your turn! Time for you to wake up and live at your beautiful, incredible, unstoppable, 100% capability for PURE FUCKING MAGIC. Consider these words the first spark. You're already cooking.

Tell me in the comments below, how have you woken up this month, this year? And what are you going to do with that new energy?



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