Moving Towards Love: How Yoga Girl® Consciously Chooses Love

Your heart needs to break open from time to time. It's how we transform and grow as human beings.

If you've never had your heart broken open by loss and despair, if you've never truly been in pain, if you haven't walked through the fire and back…You haven't truly lived.

You won't know what it feels like to be alive until you've walked out onto a ledge called Giving Up, wiggled your toes across the brim, looked down at the infinite fall below and then very carefully, taken a step back.

You won't know. You can't know.

When we go through heartache we start to feel so much that the limitations of our hearts simply can't take it anymore. And suddenly... It cracks open. Sometimes we can even feel the heartbreak happening inside of our chest. Our heart has burst, and the overwhelming pain that follows could be too much to bear but it never is.

The universe never gives us anything that we cannot handle.

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The thing is, through these cracks, light begins to seep in. Little by little light fills your heart and your heart will start to grow. You realize that your heart is fragile for a reason: it needs to break so it can grow and we can learn how to love even harder.

We all walk this earth with giant hearts inside of our chests and we all feel so much. We are not alone and our broken hearts, they know this. Light fills us until it overflows and others can feel it, too.

Tragedy makes us warriors. Light bearers. We light up the path for others and together, we stop fumbling through the darkness and start remembering what it truly means to be alive. Life is a gift, and this pain... It's all for something.

It's all for something. Don't you ever forget.

Our hearts break because the thing is, we all just want to be loved. All of us.

Deep down, every decision we make is based on our wanting to feel accepted and cared for. We all want to be loved and we can use that longing to create both heaven and hell.

When we feel loved, we can create a heavenly place. When we feel heartbreak, we can feel like we are in hell.

What if we constantly had a place inside of us that we could tap into, a place of love, compassion and kindness. A place that trusts in the universe, that everything is exactly as it should be, that everything that is meant for us is unfolding around us in perfect order.

What if we constantly, consciously choose love.

Trusting in life, seeing the goodness in the people around us and learning how to stay present in our day-to-day actions will draw us towards love. We'll feel like we are flowing with life, things run smoothly and there will be a deep sense of calm beneath the ups and downs of our life situation.

Moving towards love will always lead to more love.

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It's when we let the fear of not having enough take over that our decision making takes a wrong turn. Suddenly we start directing our attention away from our true purpose and instead move towards ego, judgement and material things.

Instead of trusting in the bigger picture we let fear take the reigns and everything changes. Suddenly, we get easily agitated. Stressed. Angry. We start looking at other people and feel threatened, jealous and insecure. So much of this world is built on fear and competition and it's a vicious cycle we simply NEED to break if we ever want to find true peace of mind so we can start manifesting the life of our dreams.

__You'll know that you're on the right track when you can look at someone succeeding in the same field as you and feel genuinely, truly happy for them. __

You’ll know you’re on the right track when you allow your heart to break open, let the light shine into the cracks, and trust that the universe is clearing space for something better to come into your life.

If something or someone is meant for you, life will unfold so that everything that is meant for you stays, and everything that is not meant for you will leave your life. Luckily, we have the power to choose how we react to these situations.

Can you take a step back and look at your current state of mind? What does your life look like right now? Are you moving in a direction of love? Or are you letting fear run your life? Do you feel safe or insecure? Trust or doubt?

Here is the key: Always choose love. Every time.

That doesn't mean that you'll be avoiding difficulty for the rest of your life - it simply means that you've made the decision to let your heart guide you instead of your mind.

Let feelings of insecurity be a sign to take a deep breath and become aware of what's stirring within you. Listen to the nudges of irritation that we are all overcome with from time to time. They are here to teach you great things!

Every difficult moment is an opportunity for you to choose love over fear.

Be grateful for the lows as much as you cherish the highs.

Be grateful for the heartbreak as sometimes the heart needs to break to let the light in.

Rachel looking up at sky june 2019

Choose love and love will choose you. Tune into a place of gratitude in your heart and love will flourish in places in your life that you never would have expected.

Move with love and love will move with you. Give love. Love as hard as you can. Give all you got. You can never run out.

With All My Love,


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