Love Is

Love is when you have friendliness despite your differences.

Love is knowing who you are and being at peace with who you are.

I think we throw around this word way too loosely. When we are truly in love or with love we would never have enmity for anyone else. We would have good feelings towards everyone we meet and it would be a state of being rather than an impermanent feeling. Because as we know, feelings come and feelings go but love is a constant state when we are connected to it.

It’s hard to see or hear what love feels and sounds like when we are broken, when we are not in alignment with ourselves. Not to be perfect but to be aware. This has to be the fundamental root of love. To be aware of ourselves first. If we are not then how can we love- anything or anyone?

Love can be mistaken for a need or a longing or an attachment. Real love is a fragrance and has no discriminations or definitions or jurisdictions.

We throw the word around like the way we do laundry. It’s like we treat love like laundry. Some like clean sheets and do their laundry, some send their sheets to be washed by someone else and some don’t clean their sheets. But at the end of the day laundry is laundry no matter what you do with it. It is not love it is laundry. Some of us like to treat love like laundry and we bastardize it. Make it cheap and abuse it. All the while thinking we are in love or we are being loving.

Love is the highest state of being and in its fullness, it becomes compassion. If compassion is your compass then love dwells there. If you are pretending to love and convincing yourself of it then what can we do? Nothing. When you are judging others and pointing fingers and throwing comparisons and making divisions how can this be love? It is not. Love will not abide by these rules. Love lives in total acceptance and peace and inclusivity.

Next time you throw around the word love and in its name try to become what you think love is, think again because love is a total state that will not compromise it’s value for anything or for anyone.

Let love rule!



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