Life Doesn’t Want You to Hide—It's Daring You to Live!

Which lie have you let frame your life: life dealt you a bad hand. You’re one of the unlucky ones. You’re always the victim—it’s you against the world. You’re not important.

Or is there another painful sentence that you’ve recited for years on end?

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Place your feet on the ground and your hands on your heart. Read these questions, then take a deep breath, close your eyes and uncover the answers:

  1. Where did you learn this lie?
  2. When?
  3. Who told you?
  4. How has believing it manifested even more struggle?
  5. What do you gain by continuing to cling to it?
  6. Do you believe it might not even be true?

Now open your mind’s eye as you read these words: you are not doomed, destined to struggle through a life that’s harder than everyone else’s. You can rewrite the lie. You need to.

There are two ways to look at the world. One way is through the darkness of the lie you’ve been clinging to. The other way is through the light, which holds the truth: __there is a loving intention with everything that is. __

Understand this profound truth and you will realize that life continuously happens for you, not to you.

Even the challenges. Everything that comes your way is sacred. There is no such thing as a tragedy or mistake. There is just opportunity to know yourself more deeply so that your consciousness may evolve and you can leave the world a little better than you found it.

And that means you’re here, not by mistake, but because you need to be here.

So don’t shrink back. Don’t retreat into the shadows where fear and pain lie waiting. The shadows give a false comfort; the light is what will truly warm you to your core.

The work you are here to do is not a mystery; you’ll find it in the thing you love most. Dedicate your life to it and dare to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. I promise, life will support you.

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Find your fairytale.

We attract what we expect. If you tell yourself you’re not one of the lucky ones, life will look bleak. If you tell yourself you’re a divine being of love with every capability for greatness and joy, life will bloom in front of your eyes.

You aren’t here to tread water, you are here to grow. Learn. Evolve. So choose to see the loving intention behind each action (love is always found if you look long enough), and soon that love will become part of who you are.

With time, this love will help you realize that you are whole. You have always been whole. Nothing is lost. Nothing is missing.

This is your new life mantra. Say it to yourself as many times as you need until it starts to feel real:

I am whole. I am one with all that is. I will never, ever feel alone again.

What truth are you going to use to replace the lie you’ve been holding onto? This community encourages each other. Share with us below!



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