Here’s How to Trust Life Again so You Can Get Out There and Live

What if you knew deep down that you could never go wrong? That you could trust your life in every unfolding? Take a deep breath and imagine with me…

Imagine the universe had a perfect plan for you that would never fail. That you could trust life to take you exactly where you needed to be, at the perfect time. That you are surrounded by people who cheer you on and help you back up every time you stumble.

Can you imagine?

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The key to taking these ideas from thought to form is trust. But how do you trust? You decide, every damn day, to open your heart to the possibility of beauty and believing you are worthy of it all. Again and again, you choose yourself. Then trust naturally follows.

And trust changes everything.

Can you believe in a trust so profound that you will never again have a doubt in your mind about the path you’re on?

A trust so complete that no matter what comes your way, you’ll know to your core it’s here for a divine reason and you will make it through?

I spent much of my adult life dancing around this trust. I wanted it, I would feel it at times, but I would always fall back on the fears from my past insisting it was not safe to trust a life that was so painful.

Then my daughter was born.

Lea Luna teaches me the most pure, powerful trust every single day. When I tell her Daddy is out swimming and will be back soon, she trusts it without skepticism or fear. When she wants to jump off a dock into the ocean, she doesn’t weigh the risks; she trusts herself and the world around her. She’s relaxed in her trust and the life she’s creating.

Day by day, as I watch and learn from her, I can feel myself relaxing into that trust, too.

Imagine feeling this kind of trust, the kind that children have, the kind that’s so deep there is simply no space in your mind for fear.

What would you do? How would you live your life?

List 5 things right now. Five things you would do if you trusted the universe to love you and support your every move.

Look at your list. How do you feel when you read it?

Now, imagine this: The doubts and fears that have kept you from these dreams on your list are only your mind’s way of protecting you from something seemingly similar back then, and not this completely new now.

What if those fears were expired, irrelevant mind chatter that were holding you back for no real reason? What if those items on your list are perfectly timed to begin manifesting now?

Remember this: you are a soul having a human experience. You are here to LIVE! Life is always evolving. Just because something didn’t work out as you wanted back then doesn’t mean you can’t try again today, tomorrow and the next day.

And maybe, just maybe those things had to fall apart so something even more amazing could come together.


The universe has your back. Your loved ones have your back. YOU have your back!

Trust yourself.

Trust your life.

Breathe in this trust, in your worthiness, and look at your list again. Write 3 clear action steps you will take to begin manifesting them, and leave space for the universe to contribute. Then, get out there and live!!

__But first… Share your list of 5 things with me in the comments below! __



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