Follow Your Wild Heart to Become Who You’ve Always Been

You have a brilliant mind with thoughts that can build a better world. The mind is powerful. But listen carefully: don’t let your thoughts become your identity.

Because you are not your mind.

You certainly are not your fears, and you are not your insecurities. No, dear one. You are so, so much more than that.

You are an infinite soul. A magical spirit. A being of light with a big heart.

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And the heart is a wild creature.

So don’t keep it locked in a cage.

Don’t build walls around it; don’t hide it from other hearts in the world.

Let it howl at the moon. Let it air out. Let it breathe.

Listen to your heart when it sings to you in the morning, and let it take you places you thought you would never dare to go.

Let your heart guide you.

Let it help you find other hearts that beat with the same rhythm of love, beauty and magic. Let your hearts smile at each other and hold each other close when they need help remembering how to beat bravely.

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This is your heart’s promise to you: When you let it lead the way, no matter what happens or where you end up, you will never, ever, ever get lost.

Follow your wild heart around the world, across the universe, all the way back home.

X, Rachel

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