Crystal Guide

Clarifying crystals

‘That which you seek is seeking you’ Rumi

Krystallos: from the ancient Greek meaning crystallised light

Whether you believe solely in the practical capabilities of crystals such as the ability to transform pressure into an electrical current (useful if you need them for silicon), or if you have daringly ventured beyond this to explore their stardust qualities and magic, it is true to say that the mythology of crystals is having an otherworldly, powerful moment in our times. It isn’t just the woo-woo weird next-door neighbour dangling crystals as she walks in circles around her living room that taps into their power. We are all becoming a little crystal-crazed and it is said that these seemingly inert objects find their way to your aura at exactly the right moment.

This article is a mini heads-up to the crystal novice that they can be potent, sentient tools to ensure more vitality, recalibrate a space and protect us from all of life’s nasties like grief, fear, anger and sadness. Like an insect repellant to enhance our soul; the conduits and catalysts for a deeper connection with ourselves.

As old as the earth, their razzle and dazzle is said to make up the earth’s core; a physical symbol of the universe in flow bursting with age-old wisdom like the wise, old crystalline granny of the cosmos. Their sparkle and stardust are made up of our very own elements, seeded from molten lava, flowing water and heat over many thousands of years and lots and lots of pressure, so it is unsurprising that the thousands of crystals are like mini powerhouses that retain the natural vibrational energy of earth. They naturally have a higher frequency than us mere humans (especially after a yoga class) so we are attracted to them like moths to a flame. A bit like the phone charger that you lost and finally found, once you have their transformative qualities in your grasp, your sparkle will undoubtedly return.

Some people objectify them purely as pretty things to dot around the home as décor and let’s face it, those big ones with the pointed ends or the jagged surfaces do blow the aesthetic eye but their sheer presence is said to give them a nourishing, talismanic charm able to change a space by transmitting and harmonizing all that is around them. So they’re a double-edged sword. You only have to look at a vibrant, colourful, glittering crystal to know that there is more to it than meets the eye; that maybe, just maybe the world of limitless possibility lies within these magic-filled rocks and us. Mystics and ancient healers called crystals ‘the stone people’ and almost every civilization since the beginning of time has used crystals. Even Queen Cleopatra used ground Malachite in her eye shadow so if it’s good enough for her…

Crystals tackle energetic space that we can’t see because they have an orderly structure called a ‘crystal lattice’ so they work in tandem with us emitting a constant frequency and working with our needs. It’s no coincidence that they have been the subject of American folk magic, the wingman of shamans, kings and queens and not forgetting your local massage parlour.

Programming your crystal:

Although many of you may find it really difficult to believe that a smallish-sized rock can heal parts of yourself that you didn’t even realize needed healing, in order to harness some of your crystal’s all-important essence, leave all doubts aside, grab your gem and let the alchemy begin. Interestingly, the most wonderful part of your crystal is you, as you are the one breathing more life into it, tailoring each one to suit your specific needs. So, it’s a mini gemstone relationship and you get to set the tone. It’s not that the crystal will be completely inert without your help; it will just have a much clearer purpose after a few prayers and affirmations from you.

The first step is to make sure you clean the crystal. You can do this in a variety of ways, including soaking it overnight in sea salt, adding a little sage or lavender to the water, putting it under running water whilst imagining all the negativity washing away or burning sage and smudging your stone to clear out any stagnant energy. Whichever way you do choose to clean it, the important factor is your intention. The stronger it is, the cleaner your crystal

Connecting with your cleansed crystal, or programming it can be done in a variety of ways also. Below are the basic steps you can take to dedicate a higher purpose to your stone.

  • Grab your crystal and get cosy. Start by clearing the crystal by holding it on the third eye or on your forehead if you’re on your back.
  • Close your eyes and relax the shoulders. Unclench the jaw and take three releasing breaths. Inhale deeply through the nose and sigh out through the mouth. Tune into the breath and carry on breathing gently.
  • Hold your crystal in the left hand (the left hand is your receiving side); place the hand and crystal to rest on top of the heart and place the right hand on top of the left. Breathe in and out. Feel the crystal on top of the heart.
  • Set an intention here about how you would like to use the crystal and allow the intention to unfold. Keep your focus on breath.
  • Finish the end of the sentence and repeat this statement three times: My intention for this crystal is…. (Abundance, clarity, creativity…)
  • Visualize your intention at the third eye area. Paint words, colours, movies and images of your intention here for a few seconds. Breathe in and breathe out.
  • Use breath and imagination to direct your intention into the crystal and into the heart. Hold your intention here for a few seconds.
  • Feel how positive you feel about what you have placed here. Let it percolate through the entire body.
  • Rest and allow yourself to be at peace here. Deepen the breath and bring the awareness back into your body. Come back to the intention whenever you are holding your crystal.

Once you have programmed your crystal, look after it like one of the family. If you are not actively using it, just wrap it in a scarf or soft material. They may look rock solid (!) but they’re just as fragile as us, so caring for it will help it to help you

Crystals for tough times…

In a world filled with the stench of air pollution, noise that scares our senses, disease we don’t know how to heal and computers and mobile phones that fry our brains, crystals can cut to the chase filling our energy vortexes, known as chakras with their charge. That means our aura, the glow you get when life is on a high, stays glowing, radiant and beaming. A quick way to enhance your aura is with a mixed crystals dish by your bed. When you wake up, just pick one at random and hold it. Apparently, we choose the one we most need at that moment, like dipping into a bag of crystal haribos :) You can also just carry them around with you and secretly stash them everywhere you go, like Victoria Beckham backstage at a fashion show or Adele before she sings.

If someone is criticizing you, protect against him or her by making a crystal cocktail of soaked blue lace agate or amethyst. If you want a bit of distance between your vibes and your phone’s vibes (even though technically our LCD -liquid crystal display- screens are made up of tiny quartz crystals), just wedge some green malachite or gray smoky quartz between you and your device to prevent energy draining.

If you’re exhausted or depressed, take a crystal pendulum or point and draw clockwise circles through your hair then down the eyebrows then over the heart and wrists for more enthusiasm and positivity. There is no denying that just the simple act of drawing on your face with your very own magic crystal wand will bring a smile to your crystalline features

If you are single and looking for love, close your apps and hang a great big Rose Quartz near your heart. It is meant to protect it and encourage love and self-esteem.

If you are under mental or physical strain and need to call on some inner strength, the very grounding Black Onyx can bring balance to the body and the mind by creating a sense of security and evoking your own resources to tackle the issue. A very beautiful helping hand.

If you are more familiar with your chakras, you can take a crystal and gently roll it in between your palms to activate it. Then place it on the colour coordinating chakra (e.g. a green stone would match with the heart) Then visualize the colour working on that area, filling the space and giving a powerful boost to the spot and purifying the cells around it. It can be incredibly grounding and life affirming. Say thank you afterwards, as if you were thanking a friend for coffee.

The essential crystal kit

Rock and Raw Ritual 2

These are top of the rocks to improve areas such as abundance and prosperity, health and wealth and greater happiness. They make a great starter kit for the crystal curious…each one has its own blueprint and you can access them best through stillness, intention and ritual. You can use the following for empowering yourself and balancing your energies but ultimately, when you need a crystal, it has a habit of coming to you. Remember that what you are seeking is seeking you.

Clear Quartz Clear Quartz - This is the one that looks like a rainbow prism and it is the go-to of all crystals for charging up our lives and clearing gunk from our energy system. The queen bee of crystals as it soothes fears, expands our vision and helps us embrace our full potential. A real BFF of rocks.

Amethyst – transformative and protective, this purple–hued rock of rocks is the one that the original crystal believers all have on their shrines but for good reason. It staves off addictive tendencies and stops us from reaching for another glass of wine. It is also a sleep enhancer for the insomniacs amongst us and will turn you into an insta –witch by fast-tracking your connection to magic and mystery.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz - The crystal of Venus, goddess of love and beauty, this is the natural love drug and legend has it that it can cure the worst of all heartbreaks, break open hearts to more forgiveness, compassion and ultimately cultivate true, unconditional love. A modern day love potion, as it is charged with divine feminine energy nurturing us back to a state of love for others and ourselves.

Citrine – Known as the ‘light maker’, probably because it is as bright as the sun, this rock is your spiritual bank manager, unblocking financial woes and attracting new opportunities to lead you back to a state of abundance, joy and glow. It is an all-round manifester, urging you to dream big and just do it. Store it in your purse or wallet for financial prosperity and calling in abundance.

Black Onyx – Carrying this piece of heaven with you protects and grounds you and is said to bring good fortune, happiness and personal strength. This rock is like a really good therapist, fostering wise decision-making and emotional stability.

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