Can’t Stop the Stress? Here are 6 Ways to Find Gratitude Every Damn Day

You have the ability to choose between stress or gratitude—right at this very moment. Yes, even this stressful-as-fuck moment. Gratitude is possible every damn day! You just need to create your go-to stress-busting list. I’ll show you mine.

If you’re stressed right now, it could sound like I’m lying or sugar-coating reality. But the thing we tend to forget is that we can control what we express. We can! Through mindful awareness and a lot of practice, it becomes possible.

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Weigh out your options with me…

You can feel stressed about all the places your mind wants you to go and all the things you’re supposed to get done.


You can feel grateful for the places you have already been and for the circumstances that brought you to where you are in life.

Which one will help you relax so you can keep moving forward? Which is it going to be?

Sometimes, lots of times, I forget my own advice and choose stress over and over again. My mind can get so busy. My body, too. Nonstop. And then everything becomes nonstop.

I’ve manifested and created and brought to life more magic than I ever could have imagined. But if it’s at the expense of my peace of mind, is it really worth it?

After all, If the price is your peace, it’s too expensive.

So how do we build big, magical things without sacrificing our peace?

It’s essential to your own growth, and the growth of your magical creations, to sit back and let it all unfold every now and then. The dominos are in place. You’ve done the work. You’ve given everything you’ve got. Now, all you need is for the ground to shake and for the first tile to fall. And it will.

Trust begets peace. So, trust.

But, I know, the act of sitting back and letting it all be can feels laughably impossible.

When I’m feeling like absolute, total crap and just can’t shake it, here’s what I make myself do:

1. Drink a giant glass of water.

We live on a blue planet and are made of water almost entirely. Dehydration messes with your body and mind, so drink up.

2. Walk your dogs.

Just walk. Feel the wind on your face. Let them decide the pace. Pet them. Pick up poop. Notice the simplicity in the joy your animals experience from being outside.

3. Practice yoga, 20 minutes or more.

Move slowly. Or turn the music up and dance in your underwear, hit a pillow, do 500 chaturangas! It doesn’t matter what you do, just that you do it.

Choose your favorite poses. Invite your dogs to join. Stretch and breathe.

4. Spike mat, 20 minutes.

Lay down and wait for the fire trickling down your spine to spread across your entire body until it feels like you’re floating.

Every time your mind pops into the equation with ideas of how you could better spend your time, thoughts about work or anything that causes your forehead to crease up in a frown, bring your focus back to your breath. Come back to the breath. Again and again and again.

4. Massage balls, 20 minutes.

Find the tightest spot in your body and keep working it until you can relax. Breathe space into the tension. Feel your whole body letting go.

5. Cook food.

Light a candle. Choose grounding ingredients from the earth. Eat without distraction. Notice the beauty on your plate and every taste on your tongue.

6. Count your blessings.


  1. Husband
  2. Daughter
  3. Dogs
  4. Goats
  5. Family
  6. Friends
  7. Body
  8. Breath
  9. Ocean
  10. Sun
  11. Moon
  12. Community
  13. House
  14. Business
  15. This moment

Keep counting and don’t stop until you have gotten sick of it. Then, you’ll realize just how damn lucky you are to be alive!

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Don’t have bad days, have bad moments instead. Own it. Feel it. Get out of it.

Life is beautiful! When we choose to notice our blessings, we see that we have more blessings than we’ll ever be able to count. It’s the best way to shift from stressed to grateful.

Try it now. Count your blessings in the comments below. Choose gratitude and you will feel grateful. Go!



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