A Reminder When Life Gets Heavy: You Were Made to Love

Sometimes it seems like the world was made to break your heart.

I’ve waved the white flag of surrender while laying in a pool of my own tears more than once in my life. The world has beat me up and spit me out with such agony that I didn’t want to go on.

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But I’m still here. And I will not give up on this world or my time on it. I ask you to have faith, too.

Be brave. Feel the world. Live it fully. Stop protecting your heart.

I know, it sounds crazy.

But the reason your heart breaks, aches and beats with the force of a thousand drums is so we can have the capacity to love this whole world.

For every crack in your heart, every time you allow someone into your life, every time you let your guard down and allow yourself to be vulnerable…you’re letting more light in.

Especially when your heart is broken open. Every time your heart breaks, it grows.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” - Rumi

We can choose to feel the world and experience it fully, or we can choose to build walls around it in fear of further pain.

Walking around with a giant heart and not allowing any love to fill it?

Painful emptiness.

Moving through life with your heart so open everything and everyone has a place, risking both pain and heartache?

Beautiful wholeness.

We were made to love. You were made to love. Don’t close your heart from fear and don’t give up on the story you’re here to unfold. Open up your heart to each moment’s ripples and crashing waves and everything in between.

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Trust in your ability to ride the waves; to get knocked down and pulled under so deeply you cannot find the way to the surface. But you will. Every time, you will.

Trust in your life’s journey to bring you days of calm, ease, squishy bear hugs and deep belly laughs.

It isn’t all stormy weather; it’s a life of seasons - the sunlight comes when you need to rest and restore, and the thunder comes when you need to be reminded to open your eyes and participate, both feet in, heart wide open.

Let your heart experience it all.

Let the beauty of life move you to your core.

How is your heart, right now? Share in the comments below.



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