3 Ways Practicing Gratitude Will Transform Your Life

You may already know this intuitively, but there are numerous studies showing that practicing gratitude benefits us personally, emotionally, and socially. Gratitude works!

It can improve our heath, enhance our sleep, and even benefit our careers. The key appears to be in expressing gratitude for people, relationships, and how they touch your life - as opposed to physical/material things per se. Too much focus on objects can lead to an unhealthy psychological state. Of course, having and enjoying nice things is totally okay, but the key is to not get too attached or wrapped up in such things. Back to our yogic beliefs around non-attachment! The great Yogis clear knew all about this way before modern science had to catch up.

Saying thank you is considered good manners, possibly to the point where it has lost its meaning for many people. Saying the words has become automatic much of the time, with little thought given to what it really means to be thankful. Well no more! It’s a great idea for all of us to get back to feeling true gratitude in our hearts, for not only will it fill us with spiritual and emotional well-being, it can actually have in impact on our health, helping to lower stress levels and balance our nervous systems.

Expressing thanks for the many blessings we receive each day, blessings that can easily go unnoticed if we don’t look for them, can improve our health and help us to create a more abundant life

Not convinced? Take a look at 3 ways you can improve your life by showing gratitude.

1. Thank Yourself

Sometimes it is easy to thank others, but we are still hard on ourselves. Talk to yourself as you would talk to a friend. You wouldn’t criticize, belittle or humiliate a friend, so why would you do that to yourself?

Instead of negative self talk, make the effort to recognize the positive things you do. Say, “I am thankful that I…” and list something you have done that is good for you.

“I am thankful that I have started focusing on eating a healthy diet.”

“I am thankful that I am taking the time to be more active outdoors.”

“I am thankful that I am focusing on getting better sleep.”

“I am thankful that I took the time to help someone today because now I feel wonderful!”

2. Thank Your Food

Think about it. When your diet is focused around healthy Beauty Foods, your body feels better. So shouldn’t you be thankful? Next time you sit down to a healthy meal, think about what each food will do for your body. Savor the flavors. Appreciate how you feel when you eat the things your body needs, especially in contrast to how you feel when you eat the wrong foods. Try eating in silence a few times a week and really take time to enjoy the taste and textures of your food. It’s really a beautiful practice to pause and give thanks in any way that feels authentic to you, right before eating!

3. Thank Those that Bug You

Does that sound strange? It is often said that when you don’t like someone, it is because they mirror something in yourself that you don’t like. So look deep and think about what it is in yourself that you might be able to change. Or think about what about yourself you may need to forgive or let go of.

There are so many things that we can be thankful for in our lives. This list is just the beginning. What do you do to show gratitude? How has gratitude made your life better? The more you reflect on gratitude the better you will feel every day! It’s really the truth, and something I’ve definitely experienced firsthand in my own life. Gratitude will make you a more beautiful person, inside and out

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