Do You Have This Food Fear?

Today, I’m going to address a topic that can be a big source of fear and barrier to progress for many of you.

It’s happened to me, and if you’ve ever made dramatic changes to your diet (and consequently, to your appearance) — chances are you’ve experienced this, too.

So what is it? Simple: negative opinions, criticism and doubts from others - especially those you care about.

You would think your friends and family would be wholeheartedly supportive of a healthy lifestyle change, but sometimes that isn’t the case. To be honest, they often mean well — and it’s certainly not that they want you to be sick or overweight. The problem is more that their definition of healthy may be a little different from yours, or they may think you don’t “cheat” enough to have a healthy mindset about food anymore.

Remember always, that those who criticize you often don’t know any better and really do come from a place of love — so having compassion and understanding while you communicate will really help smooth things out and soften their attack. It may even help inspire them to join you!

Here are some of the most common questions/critiques:

“Where Do You Get Your Protein?” (aka “It doesn’t seem like you get enough protein”)

Ah, the question (usually loaded with a healthy dose of skepticism) all vegetarians and vegans are loathe to hear! If you’ve given up meat, you’ve probably been subject to this question more than once. Calorie for calorie, broccoli has more protein than steak does, and it’s more easily assimilated by the body. The average person needs approximately 40-65 grams of protein let’s say (with a generous margin built in). In my latest book, Radical Beauty, I outline a few days where you can see that by eating foods like kale salad with nutritional yeast and my Glowing Green Smoothie, you can get upwards of 55 grams+ of protein- without really trying!

Just for fun, here are some excellent protein sources to throw their way:

Vegan protein powders (in a pinch or post-workout)
Greens (Kale, for instance, has 2.9 grams of protein per cup) 
Sea vegetables (chlorella and spirulina are excellent!)
Beans (always soaked first)

Eating too much protein is indeed a risk and a big problem, and is actually insulinogenic, and can actually contribute to weight gain- despite the popular misconception that more is more with protein! Excessive protein also puts a lot of pressure on your kidneys and liver and acidifies your body overall.

So while you can assure doubters that you are well and healthy, it’s best to just focus 100% on how you feel, your health, and using the increased energy you have to live a more empowered life.

As others see you living confidently and powerfully, and notice that your switch to a healthier, detoxifying lifestyle shows up in your glowing skin, the way you carry yourself, your endless energy, and your slimmer waistline — they will finally stop criticizing and let you be. They may even want to join you on your journey!

But that will only happen if you can push beyond the doubts and fears others project onto you, and focus on your own mind, body and spirit, allowing this amazing transformation to become your reality.

Have an amazing rest of your week!

With love and gratitude,


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