Heal Yourself, Be the Change

If you want to heal yourself and the world, you have to do more; you have to take chances. There’s no way around it. Because making a change means just that – things must change. And things do not change just by wishing they will.

I had this nagging feeling at the pit of my stomach for years: I wanted to do more. I love teaching yoga, and I love being a writer, and I love sharing it all through social media... But I wanted to do more.

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I don't think I happened to come across this community by chance. Sharing these words, there is a possibility that over 2 million people read it on Instagram, and another 500,000+ on Facebook. My place in all of this is not random. This I know.

I realized some time ago, through the overwhelming amount of people asking me for help and support, that there is something deeply missing in the online world. So, I took chances and put dreams into action.

One year, an immense amount of work, my life savings and ¾ of a Kickstarter campaign later, I filmed my first classes for oneOeight (which are now here). I taught yoga to heal a broken heart, meditations to move through moments of panic and the art of letting go, and sweaty, dynamic flows to bring you back to your center (and everything else that I teach in the moment with my students).

And we filmed some of the best yoga teachers in the world, plus grief counselors, eating disorder therapists and psychologists covering everything from relationships, to food, to stress, to anxiety, to loss and so much more.

We launched a platform with a more profound, loving impact than I ever could have imagined. And this was only the beginning.

Healing begins with us. With you and me. We must heal ourselves before we can help anyone else heal. But it needs to then continue out into the world around us.

Long ago, I had the spark of a dream to use my online influence to make the entire world a better place; to take responsibility for supporting those in need; to do more. Soon after launching oneOeight, I got on a plane to take healing directly to the world. I flew to Nicaragua with 109 World to begin a journey providing clean water to schools in the most impoverished parts of our planet.

And the Yoga Girl® Foundation, launched in 2018, is a major way to help protect, heal and empower safe and strong women and children.

Now in 2020, two years after launching Yoga Girl® Foundation, we launched our vegan, plant-based food brand, Fämily Foods, with the mission to share sustainable and nutritious vegan meals with the world.

In short, social media became a social mission! This was all just a thought, a conversation, a dream. Then it was all in action and moving mountains. We are still only on the cusp of uncovering something absolutely life changing. I feel it in my bones.

Every day, I’m dreaming, thinking, and speaking into action the change I wish to see in the world. I am doing more.

Where are you?

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Are you waiting for the “right time”? Are you convincing yourself it’s too late or you’re not the one to do it?

Maybe someone else has told you “*you can’t.*” How the hell do they know what you can and cannot do?? Only you know. And when you look closely enough at your beautiful heart and soul on a mission, you see without a doubt that you can do anything.

Just starting out? That's ok! Get clear on your "why", get creative, take chances even if they're a bit scary, and never give up.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for. You are the one we’ve been waiting for!

Know this: there is no such thing as "should have". You are where you are and what's done is done. Do the best you can with what life has given you in this moment! Let go of the idea that the past could have been different.

It couldn't have, because it wasn't. The time is now. N O W!

Don't waste time thinking of the what-ifs. Instead, spend today taking the steps needed to create a life you're proud of, to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Don't let yourself be held back by your own self-doubt. Everything you need to move forward you already have. So, what are you waiting for, really? Open your journal, start the conversation, and take ACTION.


Here’s my recipe for doing more:

  1. Heal yourself. Seek support and learn how to truly let go. If you can’t take loving care of yourself, you can’t be of service others. Simple as that.

  2. Dreaming + Doing = Manifesting! Dream wildly big, then meet it with the same amount of effort.

Remember this: the doing is just as important as the dreaming. The dreaming plants the seed, the doing makes it grow. So, let’s get to work!!

Tell me, what do you dream of doing for yourself and for the world? And, tell me what you are going to DO to act on them NOW!



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